Kia forte and kia rio front Brake replacement

Kia forte and kia rio front  Brake replacement

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Click the link for the rear brake video



Eduardo says:

So no need to bleed the line right

Matthew Perez says:

Where did you jack it up from and where did you place the jack stand?

April Palmore says:

How much ate they

Kevin Leeds says:

i have no impact wrench and i can not move the 17 mm bolts to move the caliper frame. i have tried it with some Liquid Wrench 5 minutes ago. Also I have no breaker bar. should I give up and hire someone or should i just do the brake pads? the main problem I have is it squeaks like there is a bad spot on the rotors but I can't see anything wrong with the rotors. I even had some guys try to diagnose it and they drove it around but they didn't really tell me the problem. When I try to stop it makes a musical sound of squeaking coming off front left, front right, and on the right in the back. It is comical how much I have bought the tools for changing my brakes and then I do it wrong so they squeak! (one year ago). I have brake cleaner fluid but no gloves. and silicon lubricant and copper lubricant and one other thing I forget what it is. The brake pads came with a little packet that has some weird directions about the slider and the plate and the holder. (from Detroit Axle, but I think it's from China.) I could do some weight lifting for strength and try again tomorrow I guess. Thank you for the video! Mine is a Rio, not a Forte. Rio only has four bolts holding the wheel on and the tires are 13".

P GG says:

Good video man. The environment lighting and camera angles showing around the brake disks/ calipers are really helpful. Keep up the good work.

John Milad says:

Man I didn't understand anything

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