Kia 3.0 Badge Install

Kia 3.0 Badge Install

In this video I will be installing my black chromed out Kia 3.0 badges:

Products Used:

Dupli Color Shadow




Clinton Ortiz says:

I found strong fishing line dipped in rubbing alcohol works best for badge removal.

Jason Campbell says:

To the untrained eye, many may think that is a Lexus logo.

Francisco Garcia says:

What are the measurements for that emblem,,,,?front and back,,

roblox fan says:

That isnt the kia badge

Ray Soccio says:

The emblem color you chose matches your car great!

Ron Wilson says:

A KIA with Lexus badges. Yeah, I get it.

Joe Figueiredo says:

Wear did you order the emblems from? Having difficulty finding the right ones.

Johnny Bee says:

Looks to much like a Lexus logo

Niko says:

Putting them on a Kia Sportage 2018 .Good tips!

李尚九Sergio Ruz says:

What is that logo with only the K, was it an old Kia logo or a similar brand?

Bob C says:

Fishing line works

Young Park says:

Original logo looks better.

CoopEmAll says:

If you want LED headlight bulbs sells them. Made in USA. Plug and play with NO errors. Huge upgrade compared to stock headlights. 6000k pure white light. I highly recommend it.

Sergio Bejar says:

Balloon string was my go to when I worked for detail

Hodgee3 says:

So the Kia logo with just the K what’s the origin behind it I seen it in a ladies car and I was like is her logo broken then I seen that it was just different

Ashley M says:

Can I get it off without heat? I live in an apartment-like situation where I have no access to an outlet so I can't use a hairdryer unfortunately 🙁

Sunny D says:

Looks like Mazda logo

420 Gaming says:

I've been wanting to do this myself but I'm so scared of scratching the paint in the removal. You lucked out on the front but I noticed you scratched the paint on the back one just ever so slightly. You are younger and steadier than me and if you managed to scratch it slightly then I'm definitely going to wreck it. I think I'll just deal with the crappy original badges. Thanks for the video.

Erick Requena says:

Is this the gravity gray color? It look very good with the new badge.

Kevin T says:

Kia stands for Korean International Automotive.

WiLLyxVKei says:

So, did you painted your badfes? Thats the only part i didnt understand haha anyways, i have to do this, it looks tottally different and cool

sean poquette says:

Should are on 3dtheforte

S S says:

Great video, thanks for sharing!

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