How to replace speed Sensor on 2005 Kia Rio 1.6L Automatic

How to replace speed Sensor on 2005 Kia Rio 1.6L Automatic

Here’s a brief Video on how to replace the speed sensor on a 2005 Kia Rio.



스투키 says:

What is the part number of the speed sensor?

حسين العراقي says:

Hello. Can I contact you I have a question about a 2004 Kia ​​Rio car?

Mark D says:

What OBD codes? Mine was giving the speed sensor and (occassionally) gear 2 3 and 4 ratio incorrect and (rarely) a torque converter circuit problem

Kaidan Alexander says:

Going to try this in 2 days doesn’t sound too hard

Evo Kendamas says:

What speed sensor was that? I cannot find it at any parts store and my girlfriends sensor and plug did the same exact thing except her speedometer doesn’t work but shifts fine

Dragonkitty Raven says:

I am looking at getting a 2009 Kia Rio from a lady I know and she said that on occasion it will not shift (assuming out of 1st) unless she turns the car off then starts it back up then it is perfectly fine. After looking into what she described it seems to be a sensor issue. Would you also agree? I am planning on hooking it up to a code reader to be sure but ya.

Jospeh B Williams says:

Are u familiar with Kia Sportage? I have 2005 diesel, and I’m having drive symbol blink whenever I turn on my AC

Jeremy Hamilton says:

You didn't show how to replace the part. This was a waste of time. Change the title to how to talk about you buying a sensor because your old one shorted out

George Tabarez says:

My 2004 Kia Rio was driving well until it just started coasting I pulled over and it just idles I shift into reverse and drive and doesn't move . Help

abduelhalim albseer says:

Hello my car kia problem is the transmission stuck on 4th gear not clutch on 5 until I remove my foot from acceleration pedal

hanief noor says:

What is the effect when replacing to new ones?

akbornlady says:

Do you know where the neutral safety switch is on a Kia Rio Cinco Stationwagon?

deriklfixit says:

You have hot Chicks around your car!!! (intro) Lucky!!

A M says:

Any chance of a 2015 KIA Forte 5?

Anita Rodriguez says:

Hello,how do I know its the air sensor on my Kia Rio 2005? It doesn't want to pick up speed?

Joseph Rodriguez-Amaya says:


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