How to replace change tail light bulbs in Kia Soul

How to replace change tail light bulbs in Kia Soul

Quick video on how to replace reverse light, brake light and rear turn signal in kia soul.



Mis understood says:

Thank you for the help

Kajah B says:

Thank you this really helped. I did it on my own because autozone had no clue how to.

audreywinn88sgmail says:

Thank you for showing me this

Stephanie Duerr says:

Thank you, know I can replace my light!

Clean Toronto says:

Much appreciated. Swapped the reverse bulbs on our 2012 Kia Soul 2U from halogen to LED today. Your video made it all so much easier.

Barbara King says:

I changed my break light! Thank you!

bluelipbeaver says:

Thank you for this very helpful video. I put a little Vaseline on those plastic rivets so that they would go in easier and pull out easier next time I have to change a bulb.

james peach says:

Thanks duder!

Judith Stark-Ellington says:

Thanks, this was very helpful

Dione Muasau says:

Thank you so much

QD KittenB says:

Thank you so much. The guys at auto Zone had no clue

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