How To – 2014+ Kia Soul Coil Over Install

How To – 2014+ Kia Soul Coil Over Install

I walk you through all the steps for installing a set of Coil Overs on a 2014+ Kia Soul. My friend Alex says it rides a bit rough, but he is very happy with how it sits and how much better it handles. (The front coil overs have upper pillow ball mounts).

Section quick links:
00:00 – Intro
00:51 – Setup and part removal
04:29 – Front suspension removal
11:25 – Notes on coil over adjustment
13:59 – Front suspension install
19:06 – Visual of front install
19:42 – Kics lug nuts
20:59 – Rear suspension break down
22:18 – rear strut pre-install
23:57 – rear spring install guide
26:15 – rear suspension adjustment
26:56 – note on rear spring base install
28:09 – results (It’s super fresh)

Parts used:
SF Racing Coil Overs –
Project Kics Lug Nuts – –
Enkei Raijin wheels –



Esteban Chavez says:

I was thinking about giving these a try. How are they holding up?

meme ET says:

Demonios que genial se ve yo tengo un Kia Soul 2010

Stevie Jo says:

It's good to see some people doing some modifications to the Kia Soul. I think it's the most underutilized hatchback out there that has a lot of potential performance. I'm sure you could put a bigger turbo charger or engine swap it or flare the wheels etc and get a little hot hatch out of the deal. Not to mention a used Kia Soul in very good shape goes for pretty cheap on the used market

Ian Fenzl says:

Does this do anything to the drive modes for the vehicle, or do they operate as normal? I love the wheels man, they look awesome and yeah that gap is waaaaay better.

William Broxterman says:

This is exactly what I want to complete on my '16. Informative and easy to follow diy instructions. Thank you for putting the products in the description. How long did this take you to complete?

Tristen Littke says:

How much does it cost wanna lift my sorento 2-3 inches debating on coilspring or spacers

Shenanigans Penguin says:

Have your buddy join the Kia soul USA group on facebook, we would all like to see this

Preston Rose says:

Plan on making a follow up to this video? Interested in how you guys like the coilovers. Keep it up, enjoyed this one.

Dmitry Dzhemilev says:

What size wheels how much wide

NikkiGolightlyGames says:

I’m looking to lift my 2018 Turbo Soul 2 inches.

Pigmy and The Amazon says:

So if I have a soul like this but I want a more comfortable ride for long trips without changing the ride height what would you recommend

kyle peterson says:

how's the handling and ride improvement ?

Ian Brooks says:

Very informative…im guessing a 2011 soul isn't much different?

Adam Hancock says:

I also have a 2018 soul, what brand is the coilover kit you used? What was the final lowered height of the car when done? Thanks for the vid, any info is appreciated.

Armando E says:

Whats the wheel and tire specs?

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