Genuine Kia Sportage Roof bars: How to fit

Genuine Kia Sportage Roof bars: How to fit

We talk you through how to fit Genuine Kia Sportage Roof Bars at Jennings Kia.

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Welcome to Jennings Kia today we are going to be fitting a set of roof bars to a Kia Sportage.
The bars come partly pre-assembled. We do have stickers on the bottom of the bar to indicate where you need to put the bars.
This one indicates rear left so this needs to go on the rear left-hand side of the car.
There is two slots/holes cut into the back of the rail, they are there to help you guide where the rail needs to be, you need to put the rail across the centre of the two holes.
Once the rails are positioned you lift the locking mechanism up turn it clockwise, just hand tight, to lock the rail in place.
Once that’s done you take the key that comes with the kit and turn it roughly 90 degrees to lock the locking mechanism in place.
Once the roof bars are installed you remove the end caps by just giving them a wiggle out. You then can install the top seal by just simply sliding it in. Feeding it through, all the way across.
Once that’s installed you can the refit the end cap.
Again for the rear bar, remove the end cap and slide the seal in and then pop the end cap back in.
Supplied in the kit to fill the gaps on the underneath of the bar is some plastic shroud. I’ve pre-cut these but you will need to cut them to size and just simply slot them in.
And that’s it we’re all done.



Gerson Santos says:

What if I don't have a roof rack at all to install the crossbars ?

harold milburn says:

lost the kia for mi

Eliézer Salazar says:

Link doesn’t work

Darren Robinson says:

my 2017 CRDI 1 doesn't have the rails on the roof to attach this to, can I get the rails for the car?

Richard Roll Podiatrist says:

This guy says the clamp fits BETWEEN the two holes on the rail; mine DO NOT, if I fitted mine like this then they would potentially fall off when I was driving. There is a locating lug that MUST fit into one of the holes, otherwise the roof bar clamp will not fit flush to the rail. It can be a bit of a job to get it to fit, mind.

Fabiola Merritt says:

I bought a sportage last week but it came without the basic rail. Can I buy those in Kia?

lutrapoo says:

Hi, do you have to push out the holes on the roof rails of the car? The holes on my Kia Sportage rails are still intact.Thanks

Maxfli82 says:

Nice. I wish my ‘16 Sedona has rails this nice. The factory ones are ugly. Have to go aftermarket.

Martine Jaffe says:

what do you use with a 2018 Kia Niro if you dont want to buy one from Kia?

Margaret Burke says:

I just bought roof rails for 2017 Kia Sportage but rail has 2 parts to fit into holes at side of rail but the other has only 1 part to fit into the rail??

Gary Needham says:

thanks. same as my Hyundai roof bars and the instructions were terrible. you have really helped me

Jim McEwen says:

What if you don't have the runners on the roof of the car?

rmanrique6 says:

can I use this bars in my kia sedona 2016?

Patrick Felipe says:

Will this fit a 2012 sportage??

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