2021 KIA Telluride EX NightFall Edition | How To Install HomeLink Rearview Mirror

2021 KIA Telluride EX NightFall Edition | How To Install HomeLink Rearview Mirror

2021 KIA Telluride EX NightFall Edition | How To Install HomeLink Rearview Mirror

You can find it here (not an affiliate or sponsored link)
Part No. – S9F62-AU000

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James Stephens says:

Thanks! Disappointed when I discovered the EX Nightfall did not have this feature. Great that there is a easy solution!

Jess Bajao says:

Does the homelink work when the car is turned off?

Czarina Yuen says:

Do you have the UVO link mirror before installing this one?

Coach Emmett says:

THANK YOU, This was a game saver in my house. Knowing this fix was this easy is great.

Andrew French says:

Excellent description and help. Thank you!

Danielle Morton says:

Where did you purchase the rear view mirror?

Chad Billman says:

Thanks for the info…had same thing happen w ex model. Good video

Douglas Brewster says:

Anything on UVO on yours?

Douglas Brewster says:

Does your Telluride have “UVO”? I am being told that if it has “UVO” it will not work???

dwarvendarkness says:

So my Mom just put in an order for a EX, question… do you have the mood lighting in the front that goes to the second row too?

따라장인 CraftsmanFollower says:

You did good job^^

johnathan samuel says:

Btw, in the navigation menu you can cancel your route, I remember you saying that in an earlier video..

K. Barone says:

I got the LX but I would like it for the garage door opener would it be good just for that?

Tony T says:

Thank you for this. Huge feature that I didn't realize doesn't come on the EX. Wife and I are looking at buying one.

Anna Perez says:

Thank you! Just got this exact vehicle on Saturday ! Got home with it tried programming the garage to learn I didn’t have it! Major bummer ? Definitely buying this mirror.

Jay Booth says:

Nice tutorial on mirror replacement! Thank you!

dwarvendarkness says:

Welcome back, they messed up on our order, another wait, two months or more… sigh. Did you get the top of the car repainted yet?

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