2016-2020 Kia Optima HPS Short Ram Intake Install

2016-2020 Kia Optima HPS Short Ram Intake Install

A how-to video of sorts for all of you who want to install an aftermarket intake on your 2016-2020 Kia Optima with the Theta II 2.4L engine. Hope this helps! #HPS #SRI #Kia #Optima #K5 #KDM #racecar

After installing said intake, I felt a decent difference in throttle response but nothing crazy. I used the good old butt dyno method so whatever “gains” I got I’ll never know since all that Kia power drove me and the car right into a tree a few months later. Happy modding!

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Dalton Burrows says:

hey man i got the same one on the way, did it throw any mafs codes or anything

Lonnell Middleton says:

Awesome vid!!!

Ernesto Guerrero says:

The commentary hahahhahahah this guy made me laugh lol

Chris says:

Its difficult because its Korean. Date a Korean chick and you will find out real quick

QuestionRealityEsports says:

i feel like i made this video while do this same thing to my car, i just had a easier time with my air box then you did (bad luck) but i found a dead bird in mine.

Mixwell1983 says:

So you took what was basically stock CAI and now have it sucking in the hot air from the engine bay? I did that years ago on my Ranger by adding a stupid cheap cone filter not realizing my truck had cold air in the vent leading to the sealed box by the grill

captain boomerang says:

did ur intake shake a little bit when the engine was on ?

trppriest says:

Fucking dead. Just got done at work. This made my day with stupid people forgotten.

Michael Gonzales says:

Aye bro would you happen to know a air intake for a 2016 optima sx turbo?

dopex2xdeath says:

Install is easy im just here for opinions on which intake i should get. I feel $100 vs $300 to almost $400 seems a bit sketchy, especially when they all look the same

Rene G. Ramirez says:

Seems easy… like your mom.

Fernando Carmona says:

Hey im interested in ordering an air intake , I have a 2016 kia optama . Can you post a link so I can order this same intake? Thank for the video now I can install it myself when I get it …

uk edition says:

Is there anything for the 2.0 2016 sxl??? Cant find any after marker parts

Das Fritos says:

Would this work on my Theta 1 2.4l 08 sonata? My housing broke and I'll be damned if I spend money on an oem. Thanks in advance

KDM_Curt says:

Looking to do this for my 2019 Optima LX. What are the 2 hoses for exactly?

Crowd Mover says:

Hilarious and informative lol great job

L2Grandpa says:

It says from 2015-18 but do you think it would fit a 2014

Darryl Davis says:

This is hands down the greatest "how to" video in my opinion. Knowledge with mad man comedy. Brilliant.

Jay Garcia says:

Got a 2019 Kia Optima LX 2.4L 4 Cylinder I’m sure it will work but just wanting to make sure ? & also is the place you bought yours actually a good place to buy the cool intake from? Just curious ! First time buying it want it to be perfect & awesome !

Rick James says:

Gets better 0 to 60 times and fuel milage. That is what it does. Probably boosts torque more than HP but it is very noticeable when sucking enough air. Won't get your doors blown off by an old dude in a farm truck anymore.

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