2003-2009 Kia Sorento Spark Plugs Wires Replacement !

2003-2009 Kia Sorento Spark Plugs Wires Replacement !

In this video i show you how to replace the spark plug wires on a 2003 kia Sorento. Please make sure that you watch my previous video showing you how to replace the spark plugs and valve cover gasket for detailed instructions. If you have any questions make sure to leave them down below. Dont forget to like this video if you found it useful also consider subscribing for more videos like this!



Al Haida says:

I'm still unsure of where the wire goes. It goes from the coil pack to where exactly at the back of the engine?
Sorry if that doesn't make any sense. My knowledge on cars is very little.

Sassafras andCompany says:

Ay homie why don’t you edit out the part where you trying to separate the boot from the wires? That shit is fucked up lol

Dale justice says:

Awesome thanks God Bless!!

Jackie Treehorn says:

So there is only 3 coils for 6 plugs? And the 3 plugs on the passenger side have lines that run to the coils on the driver side?

Guille Martínez says:

Excellent video, I learned a lot, I got a question, where did you get the diagrams?

Joey Silva says:

Eric can you show where the fuel pressure regulator line runs to. I took Everything apart and now can not figure out where the fuel pressure regulator line connects too

Kathy West says:

How long does it take to replace just the wires if plugs have already been done?

wayne nahuy says:

I wondered what they connected to as i may do vc gaskets and suggested to the lady she do plugs and wires at that time.

Gus says:

Great video! How much would you personally charge for this job?

Arturo Contreras says:

great job on your demo on the kia sorento very ethereal explanation keep up the good work. Art C

CoCosBy Smyrh says:

Everybody needs a mechanic friend like this guy!!

TdubzSFS says:

That's so strange. I could've thought I was subbed to your channel forever ago!. Damnit YouTube!

Kimberly Castle says:

Great video and interesting to watch through! Thank you

john miller says:

How many coil packs are there ?

Kim speenburgh says:

What about the wires with the black clip that's near the firewall that holds the wires??

Orlando Rodriquez says:

I have to change out my coil pack getting a miss fire on 1/4

Teemo says:

Thanks for filming this! I'm doing this exact job today on my wife's Sorento.

rubenvor says:

Video stops at 5 secs and doesn't move from there. The same happens on 4 different phones. FYI.

Marcel Airando Torres says:

Regards! I have a kia sorento 2003 3.5 since I changed the charcoal canister I started to 1- feel a strong odor smell of vapors and 2- the fuel consumption has increased considerably 3- when the air conditioner starts to shake. I have tried to correct the problem by changing the purge valve, selenoid valve, replaced some old lines, vent valve (inside of fuel tank), fuel pump and filter, pcv valve. The last thing I did was to clean the canister converter that is under the driver's seat and it does not tremble so much anymore. I do not know much about mechanics but I dare to do some things. Thanks for your videos!!! Gracias!!!

Raul Perez says:

I replaced both plugs and wires without removing the intake. I cut the old ones out and ran the new wires around the back.


hi eric…great videos !!! i just did t/b and w/p and lived through it. next v/c and wires,but i think my rear cam seal is leaking. do you know anything about replacing them.i have not been able to find any info.thanks for your time…john.

Gilbert Martinez says:

Why didn't you run the engine after you were done so we could take a listen?

Doctor Strange says:

Just bought the car trying to learn everything about it I've never had anything past 2000

Doctor Strange says:

Need help guys Is it the same with the 2007 sorentos

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