🤔 How to replace rear brake pads on a 2014-2017 Kia Forte😁 : Cinnaminson

🤔 How to replace rear brake pads on a 2014-2017 Kia Forte😁 : Cinnaminson

In this video I will show you how to replace rear brake pads on your 2014 Kia Forte
Part Number DG1594

I hope this video helps!

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Some Random Guy says:

Those rims and lug nuts, and studs look so good for 2014!

Unmesh Agarwala says:

OP is probably no longer reading the comments but what gloves are you wearing?

David Estacio says:

Do the tabs on the inner pad need to be aligned with the notches on the caliper piston?!

Martin Reinhard says:

I was pushing and pushing with a c clamp and did not know that you needed a tool to rotate the piston to get it to drain. Also watched several videos and this is the first one that showed me how to do it the way that worked.

ArcaneEnvy says:

omg i feel so dumb. The reason why I couldn't remove my rear brake pads was because I had the parking brake engaged. Well now I know what to do.

Sminish says:

What were you doing towards the end of the video before you did the test drive, what were you doing in the hood involving that cap?

Reg Sparkes says:

So, you don't believe in using a Torque Wrench on those lug nuts?

shelly8675309@gmail.com says:

Boy you made it look easy I had someone work on mine for 4 hrs and never did put new pads in

shelly8675309@gmail.com says:

What if you dont have the tool for puston

125 SM says:

Cool nice and easy.

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