This is why i prefer these axles. #jeep #xj #zj #tj #axle #cvaxle

This is why i prefer these axles. #jeep #xj #zj #tj #axle #cvaxle


@souldrift1 says:

Do you have to change axle seals?

@Tophershawn_ says:

Will these work with outer tube seals?

@seanmcmurray1161 says:

I have a 97 jeep wrangler and recently it started making a rattling sound like to pieces of metal vibrating together. Do you have any idea what it might be?

@jeremyhanna3852 says:

4wd what's that does my jeep have it i get stuck in my xj only 2 wheels spins so I guess I'm only 2wd

@diezelwest5660 says:

How about a jk D30?

@mepupa123 says:

what would work on a jk ?

@zekeisme1 says:

Legit knowledge had been dropped here. Thanks

@joshquick3922 says:

Will this work on a 1997 xj

@philromeo9481 says:

Can I put these in a 2001 xj

@bryanmoore9257 says:

Work on a 94 xj?

@joeshmoe1436 says:

I got one that keeps binding up on my zj , it's a quad trac , warranty voided out the gate

@motoboggin2619 says:

and these cv axles are quite strong i have 38s on my dana 30 wj axle with stock cv's. havent broke one yet.

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