Step By Step Jeep Frame Repair (Sorta)

Step By Step Jeep Frame Repair (Sorta)

In this one I dive a bit deeper into the step by step process of preparing one of these jeeps for a frame repair. This one also showcases how bad the frame can be rotted and still be repaired properly.

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Matias Rivero says:

Great video question where you e replacement part from ????you cut it with cnc??or order it online …???anks!!

m0nkey34 says:

What are those golden bolts/nut/washers underneath the SafeTCap? Is it for additional (besides welding) fixing the safeTCap to the frame?


I wish you were closer. Just bought a 2002 Sahara. It needs the frame repaired. Hopefully I can find someone local that can do it.

Tim Woodie says:

How much does a frame repair job like this cost? My frame is almost identical in condition but I have a bit more metal than that one lol

Bella123527 says:

Bad work ! Use new frame rail. Take a 62x104mm rail and get it bended and weld it in. Your work will never be accepted in europe.

Crystal F says:

I have a couple of questions.. I believe my jeep is worse off than the one in this video.. 1.) where are you located? 2.) how long does it take to repair a jeep and do the lift kit etc. and 3.) around about, what is the cost of everything? I’m trying to see if it’s worth it to put the work in or not. Thank you!

2times2is4 says:

Just started working on my 2003 Wrangler. What a nightmare to discover all the rust. Always a work in progress with a Jeep.

BuddhaVsZeus says:

I need to do this for my 06 jeep, how much would something like this cost ? I want to nip in the but before it gets worse

Jeff Strong says:

That was the best step by step video on frame repair thank you very much

Brian Paquette says:

Thanks you for all the tips! Just starting in on my 97!

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