Rhino-Rack | How To Install A Backbone System (Jeep Wrangler)

Rhino-Rack | How To Install A Backbone System (Jeep Wrangler)

Find the perfect fit for you vehicle here:
AU: https://rhinorack.page.link/Fit-My-Car-AU
US: https://rhinorack.page.link/Fit-My-Car-US

Rhino-Rack engineers have tailored the design of Backbone to suit the contours of your Jeep. Backbone technology works by running support structures through the inside of the Jeep making it the strongest and most secure way to utilise your Jeep’s roof top.

Watch as we show detailed step by step instructions on how to install a Rhino-Rack Backbone Roof Rack System on to your Jeep Wrangler.



JC S says:

This is a great product! Can I use the RCL6 37mm low profile legs with the Vortex bars?? I find the factory RLCP to be a bit high for my application. Thank you

Rhino Willys says:

Is there an installation video like this one for the 2 door Jeep JK? I just purchased this system for my 2 door. Thanks in adavance.

Sherry B says:

Strong front runner for my JK. Not sure I like the idea of losing rear hardtop off capability.

Gambit 2U says:

Is this available the TJ?

sdlopez83 says:

What bumper is that @ 00:09?

Andrés Monzon says:

Is this roof rack all right for rooftop tents?

Benjamin Burnham says:

I spent a couple hours this past weekend installing the 3 pad backbone system. The printed directions that came with the system were pretty good. This video is a good companion to have available in the garage on you phone or tablet during installation. Its also a very good idea to have a friend lend a hand…i think i could have managed alone but it would have taken a bit longer and probably a bit stressful lol.One note….the front pad installation/contact point includes a bracket/plate that you bolt to the frame. it sould be noted that this bracket will interfere with the jeep soft top door surrounds…not a big deal…just remove them when the soft top in installed.all that being said i am happy with the install process and directions just take your time and have a friend help or at least be there with a cold drink!

JvK in the USA says:

I have a RuggedRidge Exo-Top installed on my 4 door Wrangler. Wondering how I would secure a Pioneer Platform that you guys sell. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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