Rhino-Rack Backbone System Install for Overland Jeep Wrangler / Gladiator – DIY / How To

Rhino-Rack Backbone System Install for Overland Jeep Wrangler / Gladiator – DIY / How To

I install the Backbone roof rack mounting system from Rhino Rack onto my Overland Jeep Gladiator, in preparation for mounting a Rhino Rack Pioneer platform to carry surfboards and a solar panel

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JK says:

RIP lens 🙁

Laloo Lhouvum says:

Love your choice of vehicle for overlanding. Gladiator rubicon is an amazing vehicle with all those standard features and an amazing platform for setting up an overlanding gears with a decent towing capacity. I, hope your rhino roof rack is perfectly setup like it planted. Good video and good luck, mate.

Utah JohnnyMontana says:

Thats a well thought out installation. I like it when they make it so its almost impossible to mess up.

Ade Larsen says:

Fascinating to learn about roof racks. I've never used one. That may change.

Rex Bai says:

If the only part broken on the lens is the circuit board or the cables, you can almost certainly find a dealer online that sells the circuit board for your lens model for maybe $100, or find some wires and solder them on.

Michael brown says:

Dan thank you… these vids are fantastic. I am in the process of ordering my JT. Keep them coming!

Calsurf Lance says:

Still waiting for the boomerang lesson Dan!

Errhka says:

All my guy friends and family literally NEVER read the instructions first before assembling anything so actually seeing someone read them in their entirety before they start was refreshing.

Jay Ulreich says:

Really cool build so far…. I cant wait to see how youll manage the RTT, if you go that route! Keeping us all guessing makes it even more interesting!

shallowcaster says:

The sparkle in Dan’s eye during his intro makes him look like a replicant.

Ryan Crouch says:

I just wish they made one that extended all the way to the front

donald watson says:

The only thing that concerns me is the space between the 2 fiberglass layers of the roof. I noticed there was no support spacer installed to keep the roof from crushing at the bolt holes. In essence the top layer of the roof is still the only place supporting the weight, explaining why others have had the hardware vibrate loose.

Tomtom Lost says:

I’m not sure about drilling the roof just for a roof rack

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