Project 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ LED Headlight Install

Project 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ LED Headlight Install

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When I upgraded the headlights in OVERCLOCK3D I decided that I was going to put the LEDs I had in there previously into CJ’s Jeep. He could really use the lighting upgrade. I’ll probably wire in the halos for him later, but for now, he just needs some better headlights! This is an easy plug and play swap, as you can see.



Robert Simmons says:

Not having to use the adapter for JK models was a great find foe the TJ models

Bobo Peters says:

Just completed this replacement with the same headlights (no halo). Thanks for the great vid, very informative and made this process a breeze.

Mojoman57 says:

I'm sure they're great but they kill the look. Thanks.

Anthony Villarreal says:

Paint the fender flairs with black rubberized trim paint…will make a great video aswell do the TJ much justice.

RCMOTO says:

Anyone wondering ….he didn’t install the halos,

Hatenit says:

Change out the t15 in the stainless ring to stainless Philips you will thank me later

Austin Burcham04 says:

Can we please get a link for those

Austin Burcham04 says:

Can we get a link for the light you bought

zu says:

I taped into my turn signal light wires . Now the left side blinks fast & the indicator is always on the dashboard

Crabby Padty says:

How do you get the halo’s to work?

scott cg mack says:

Great vid, thanks.

Paul Aiello says:

This video was useless. He doesn’t make use of the halos. Anybody who’s ever lived a screwdriver can replace the headlight. It’s getting them to work with the halos that’s the trick – you should delete this

DaveA441 says:

Dislike cause no link

Shonda Smith says:

are those headlights left and right specific?

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