If you’ve ever experienced a dead battery in your Jeep, especially if its a newer Wrangler JL or Gladiator, trust us when we say that you’re not alone…AND, there’s a fix. It’s a known problem that newer Jeeps equipped with an auxiliary battery can leave you stranded with a dead battery. And since generally the cause is the auxiliary battery itself, rather than your primary battery, jump starting the vehicle like normal doesn’t always work.

So we decided to finally make a video going over the dead battery issue, what to do if you find yourself stranded with a dead battery, how to fix it by removing the auxiliary battery from your Jeep, and the ultimate fix to make sure you’re never stranded with a dead battery again – an Antigravity Battery.

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James Carter says:

Hey Kevin there's a better solution, it's called a battery isolater. They allow your alternator to charge both batteries, but prevent either battery from draining from the other. They're common in rv's

Diego Manuel Lopez Leon says:

Hay que ir al gym

Brian Abbott says:

Why no 458 content?

Ben Fitzgerald says:

Very interesting I have been thinking about dual battery set up for my JKU BUT this is intriguing because of the smart battery technology of antigravity bonus of losing weight. TY

Kratin says:

uh, have you ever looked at what these batteries cost?
because you just put a $1200 battery in the stepchild.

Jerrell Esplain says:

so ez even a kev can do it lol jk

GC says:

The first time Brit doesn’t include closing for the video!

301steady says:

Hey guys! Yeah, I am that POMONA GUY. I filmed a video deleting my Aux Battery more than a month ago. I taught myself a number of things and even developed my own solutions. For the record, the Start/Stop feature still works after deleting the AUX Battery. I have been unable to post the video; because, my laptop crashed just trying to edit the video. I literally just got a new computer in the mail yesterday. I literally just uploaded Corel Pinnacle 25 into the new computer to be able to edit the video. Maybe this weekend, I'll finally upload the video, after I teach myself how to use Pinnacle. Thanks for everything and I'm looking forward to returning the favor for others.

Polaris g says:

Seat position functions??…..

Ashe Barley says:

Im on my 2nd battery just replaced them 3 months ago both of them and wake up and the damn aux light on. shit. gonna have to do this. Call Jeep service and they play stupid. ridic!!! How come ya'll are using the H7?

TheSlimeyLimey says:

What a moronic design for an off road vehicle.

Leon Thompson says:

Y'all are awesome! I love how Y'all share what Y'all learn. Some Manufacturer, probly MOPAR, is gonna put a hit on Y'all tho.

Nathan Echeverria says:

These type of things are exactly why I went with the less technical JKUR instead of the newer JL.

Ray Stevens says:

Hay Kevin you didn't mention how much the battery is I'm sure they probably cost a lot but if they last as long as you say it's money spent well.

Ray Stevens says:

Hay Brittany start working out with Beck. Then you can man handle a battery even I have a little hard time with batterys because they are very heavy.

Rick Covarrubias says:

I saw video of you helping the guy at Pomona. I have looked all over for a Auxiliary Battery delete. No such luck. Can you and Chris do a video on how to do it?
Thank in advance…

Ron Dogg says:

Stop start is no good if it uses the starter …on a Prius stop start uses motor generator 1 which is a powerful electric motor connected directly to the I.C.E I still cannot wrap my head around what jeep did , but I suspect it is mickey mouse .

John Welch says:

That Ferrari sounds like my Mercury 250 out board boat motor

Outlaw26 AOW says:

Lock tight the battery bolts

Buddy Arnold says:

Hey, nice! Their HQ is literally right down the street from me in my hometown.

nocogarden says:

The only drawback is the charge protection won’t allow the battery to charge in anything below 30 degrees. Keep us updated on how you tackle that challenge this winter. I may be ok in Utah. But Colorado that’s just a no go.

David Norman says:

Lithium batteries are awesome. I have a jackery, Bluetti & a LIFePO4 raw battery that is heated

Been using Lion batteries in RC cars, helicopters, multi rotors & more for over a decade. Power to weight they can’t be beat

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