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The final piece to phase one of our Jeep Gladiator Giveaway build! We wanted to show you guys an alternative to a bed rack setup, a soft top bed camper! Turns out Softopper makes campers for all kinds of trucks, but we thought it looked especially awesome on the Gladiator!

Hope you all enjoy the video, and don’t forget to head over to to start earning entries to win the 2020 Jeep Gladiator!

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Lite Brite says:


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Justin Ford says:

The video is Actually great!!! It would Actually make a actually amazing drinking game every time you heard the word actually you take a shot……I might be actually drunk now….

Zodar # says:

These are everywhere in Hawaii, people park on the beach and roll the sides and back up then relax in the bed of the truck!

Dan C says:

What a great video. She has a great on camera personality and the two of them together have great chemistry. But a little less with the sexist jokes

Toby Heaton says:

Just watched this video thru a link on the toppers website.
Such terrible reviews for customer service. Glad I read those before I ordered.

TC says:

Great video and info. Glad I found this. Have been torn between Gladiator and Wrangler but occasional need for pups in back was driving decision towards Wrangler.. but this puts Gladiator back in play.

Vhon Canlas says:

I don’t know if I am color blind but it is black or gray? Thanks

OFFRD says:

So, you CAN open the tailgate without opening the rear window??

DCbest202 says:

How much was the lift ???

richard kempke says:

Not too crazy about the velcro on the paint. I wish they had incorporated the angeled plastic strip on the bottom inside of the window like on a TJ softtop, then have a corresponding piece to add to the top of the tailgate for it to lock into.

Soumen Bhattacharya says:

Great video. Can you haul a dirt bike after retracting it? This is my biggest issue with bed rack systems, I haul my dirt bike. Need some flexibility with and without dirt bike. This may be the closest.

James Jannell says:

Great install video. Can anyone tell me how this top compares to the Bestopper ?

Benny T says:

That's actually a cool product and a good price

Seth Osche says:

Any idea how it would hold up in a car wash?

Mark Richmond says:

Love this couple, and think this would be a pretty neat addition to my new Gladiator Rubicon!

Gregory Monaco says:

OMG She is wow!

ElPine says:

Can you have this and the cargo rails installed at the same time? Looks like the mounts would get in the way

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