Jeep 2.4L Alternator Replacment how to replace / remove QUICK RUN DOWN OVERVIEW!

Jeep 2.4L Alternator Replacment how to replace / remove QUICK RUN DOWN OVERVIEW!

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Quick video on how to replace the alternator in your Jeep Patriot. 2.4L engine.

Note: This alternator can also be replaced from the top, however I find it easier going from the bottom when working of a car lift.

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Jeff Leister says:

Nice video, just finished changing the alternator in my 2010 patriot. Excellent job. Thank you.

dave khai says:

Very helpful.. I'm doing one tomorrow.. thanks again

Mohammed Alnefati says:

Thanks , sir

A Rodriguez says:

Without a doubt, absolutely HORROBLE engine design. I have a 2013 Jeep Compass. I love working on my cars, but detest doing anything on that horrible Compass. Modern Jeeps SUCK.

Dario Cazares says:

Thank you for this video really helped me a lot!!

daniel vasquez says:

I wish more people made videos this clear especially when I was younger , I’ve been working on my own cars since I was a kid and I worked in a shop part time for a few years but this was a great video on the steps man

Big-Patria- Lo says:

Love this vid I can’t wait to try it

Jedi Luke 22 says:

A moment of silence for the people who couldn't afford a CRV and got stuck with one of these money pits instead lol. Great vid tho.

Sean Shafer says:

Best auto repair video I've ever seen.

Mark Casillas says:

Hello my names mark,I’m new to the Channel but,I like how thorough you folks are,I appreciate how you get right to the point of what the videos about, I was hoping you could help me,I’ve searched every wear on the stupid internet but just can’t find it,I have a 2016 jeep Cherokee trail hawk edition,make long story short,I replaced the dash board harness on driver side ( all plug and play harness by the way) but can’t seem to find where couple plugs go,one is under dash board by the break, the other is Underhood behind the hydraulic control module, it’s a green female plug,I would appreciate if you could help,I’m all out of ideas, thanks again and videos rock

Marcos Hernandez says:

Thanks for the video had to do it outside in the cold without this video it would have been hell thanks again

Brad Fash says:

Great video! You didn't explain your life story, didn't ramble about meaning less things and got right to the point! And the video gave me a great over view before I do one myself!

Johnny Bravo says:

They seem to always make thing harder and harder to work on ourselves. Use to be an alternator would sit up front and on top. I watch this video and I say NO more working on cars if I need a lift. Was a mechanic back in the mid 80's. This and a timing chain in a Nissan Altama were the entire engine had to be taken apart practically to change, Nope not anymore

Mac A says:

As a side note, these jeep patriots are fucking clunkers.

Domiano542 says:

Thanks for the vid. I’ll call my mechanic tomorrow. Miss my 1988 Regency Olds 98

Terry says:

Thanks .great video. Huge help.

James Mazzocco says:

Great video, straight forward and to the point!
I just completed replacing my alternator on my 07 Patriot thanks to this video. Since the video didn't include the steps, I thought I'd leave them in the comments.
REMOVAL of current alternator (from under the vehicle): 1. Disconnect the battery 2. Release serpentine belt (16mm) 3. Disconnect AC compressor electrical 4. Remove AC compressor bracket bolts (3 lower, 2 upper all 13mm) 5. Swing AC compressor down and let hang 6. Disconnect the electrical of the alternator 7. Remove top bolt of alternator (16mm) 8. Loosen lower bolt that sits on a cradle (bolt-16mm, nut-15mm)
To take the alternator OUT of the engine bay: raise the alternator a little out of the cradle, move it towards the driver side 3in so it clears the cradle, move it down 4in, slide it towards the passenger side and it should come out – just like playing Tetris.
INSTALLATION of new alternator: reverse the steps, it was easier to install than it was to remove it but make sure you hook up the electrical to the AC compressor and alternator before bolting on the AC compressor as it is difficult to get you hands in there once the AC compressor is installed.

Eric Carrell says:

Saved me a ton of trouble. I was taking off the power steering pump before I looked for a videos haha. Thanks boss!!!

Ibrahima Bah says:

Nononsense. I finally have time to fix the Jeep. Apparently the alternator doesn’t just seat there . I had to use hammer to get the holes to line up. Please people don’t be like me thinking the alternator will just fit perfectly it doesn’t. Use hammer preferably plastic hammer or gently hit the alternator. Again thank you sir for your advice.

area46241 says:

Good stuff helped a bunch!

Ibrahima Bah says:

can you please tell me if there is trick to putting the new alternator back on . I took mine out but I can’t figure how to put the two bolts on the alternator. Any advice will be appreciated it.

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