How to Replace a Wheel Speed Sensor on a Jeep Wrangler JK JKU

How to Replace a Wheel Speed Sensor on a Jeep Wrangler JK JKU

How to replace a front wheel speed sensor on a 2017 Jeep Wrangler jku this should be the same for all JK and JKU wranglers



todd novisedlak says:

Guitar man (00:45 Mark) is essential!

thmper22 says:

Arguably the most difficult part of this is the one thing you didn't cover. How did you remove the plug on the back side of the shock tower with the keepers holding it on. I for one can't get my mits back there even up to my wrist. The rest of the job is literally a 5-10 minute task, but that one spot has now occupied at least an hour of my time. Any ideas or unpublished footage on the cutting room floor??

Oliver Rojas says:

Will this fix the Tire pressure light from been ON and can’t get a reading from computer for the PSI.

Burke McCoy says:

Love hearing robert earl keen playing. Good video brother!

Sidney Coakley says:

Curious if you might have an idea, can you run new wires from the rear to the control module but run them through the cabin instead of underneath? I’ve gone through a few now and last time the rear went and it wasn’t the sensor they took the body off and fix it.
Fun fact, if you lose 2 at once your transmission goes into limp mode, so don’t wait to long to fix it

Tony B says:

Solid video, Thanks.

Erick Mota says:

Did the light immediately go off or did you have to drive a little before it went off?

Klopek Nadhammer says:

Lol just bend your dust shield a lil bit… ok dude. No.

JJ says:

Had a hard time moving the large caliper bolts but had enough space to remove and install the new sensor

Buzz says:

Thank you! Great Video!!!

The Real Life says:

Love the blue Jeep

Grinch says:

Thanks, dash lights went of about40 miles later. Thanks a million!

SFB says:

After replacing front axle seals, I had the abs/traction sensors light up. Your video got me through it with ease. After completion and to my frustration, the lights were still there, then I realized I’d actually have to move the Jeep for them then to shut off. Thanks to Jeep owners like you pumping out these videos so we can continue to avoid dealerships and unnecessary costs.

Karl Eric G says:

Thank you for putting this together! Very helpful! Is there anything that needs to be reset (on the ECU side) after replacing these? Thanks much!

Westte says:

Very good video and explanation. I would recommend popping the hood to have better visibility where it plugs in. Other than that it’s an simple install. Don’t go to the dealership!

Craig B. Golden says:

Thank you! I wish EVERY instructional video was like this, to the point, and showing what you're doing. The biggest thing is you get to the point, and do not over explain every detail and ramble about everything! Also you didn't act like we're ignorant and talk to us like a parent teaching a toddler, lol (That's the worst). But overall a 6 min video and getting the job done correctly, amazing job brother! Thank you!! again!

Sandy Mitchell says:

hey armadillo I'm pretty sure i need to do this after towing with my JK 2dr all the brake system lights came on, can you tell me how do i figure out which sensor it is??

Rich Kesteloot says:

Nice thanks

jellosmello says:

Thank you for this video! I just finished up mine earlier today. The toughest part I found tricky was getting the new sensor back into the hole without bending the brake shield too much. Great guide!

Cosme says:

I changed all sensors, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor & pig tail. Still getting TC lights on! Frustrating! Jeep did us wrong on this.

T F says:

2009 jeep wrangler jk, i had enough room to replace my right rear sensor without removing the wheel or brakes. it took about 20 minutes, the hardest part was to remove the red clip on the sensor plug. Dealership wanted $300 , i bought the replacement sensor at Car Quest for $21 and did it myself. This was only the sensor and not the complete wiring harness. It is plug and play.

Attention to Detail says:

Fantastic video. Great step by step. Helped me get it done.

Leonardo Boitel says:

Great job sir,!! Thank you for taking the time to show us your great work. I will be doing this tomorrow..

Tim Buchanon says:

Was this check engine code p0501 and was your Jeep shifting funny before the fix?

Admir Lajka says:

There is only one speed sensor, correct ?

Noosanfamily Noosa says:

What size Allan wrench did you use?

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