How To Replace A Wheel Hub On A Jeep JK/JKU

How To Replace A Wheel Hub On A Jeep JK/JKU

How to replace a wheel hub in a Jeep JK/JKU. This process is very similar if not the same for most vehicles with a wheel hub. This is on a 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK. Great project that is easy to do and can get you into working on your own vehicle. If you have any questions feel free to comment below. Remember to subscribe and share this with a friend.

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flakjack99 says:

30 years and never heard it called never seize lol. Its called anti seize, especially for jeeps. Anything can seize up lol.

Joe O'Brien says:

What do you torque hub nut and 3 bolts holding hub on?

gdahlm says:

FYI, on JKs the unit bearings can even be run without the stub shaft in an emergency as the unit bearings are fully contained. This means that you can loosen the axle nut and torque it with the wheel touching the ground (if your wheels allow for the socket to fit).

Just don't try this on a YJ or earlier or you will have a bad day.

Andrew Brinton says:

How long should a stock wheel bearing last? My jku on 2.5" lift with 35s has 52k miles and I just started noticing a slight vibration. If I grab my front drivers side tire I can wiggle the wheel back and forth a little bit.. that a wheel bearing symptom?

Colorado4x4 says:

Great video buddy! Does this sound like a bad wheel bearing to you? Or u-joint?

jason jones says:

Would’ve been great if you would have included the torque specifications for every nut that you took off and then reinstalled……

blastman8888 says:

I replaced mine about 10k miles ago one side got end play again getting death wobble again I'm on 37" tire probably why.

Chill Solo says:

I don't understand why my wheel bearings were so difficult, I've changed many bearings before but on my jk the bearing would not separate from the axle until I went to a shop and they used 20 tons of pressure to separate them. The new bearings will not go onto the axle and now I have to get 2 new axles. A $200 job turned into $1000 .

Day 2 Day says:

What’s the deal with your ball joints? Was the castle nut not tightened down?

Day 2 Day says:

Put it in 4wd to break the nut loose.

Lisa Wise says:

Thanks for the tutorial!

OldDog NewTricks says:

Hi, I couldn't get my speed sensor to budge. So I've sprayed it with DW40 and left it till next weekend. I have a suspicion that its the sensor that is damaged and not the bearing. Could this be the case? Thanks,

Britt Warren says:

What is the torque specs for the wheel hub nut?

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