How To Install Gas & Brake Pedal Covers on your Jeep Grand Cherokee | Cheap & Easy Mod/Upgrade 2020

How To Install Gas & Brake Pedal Covers on your Jeep Grand Cherokee | Cheap & Easy Mod/Upgrade 2020

Someone in my comments recommended this cheap mod/upgrade/accessory for my Jeep Grand Cherokee. The aluminum (metal finish) gas & brake pedal covers are super easy to install if you put them in hot water for a few minutes. For $10-20 you can get this super cheap mod installed on your car in under 5-10 minutes. Overall it improves the look of the car for yourself, obviously, everyone else isn’t going to see these non-slip performance pedal covers but it definitely looks a lot better than the stock rubber brake covers. These should all fit the 2011-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango.

JessicaAlba Brake Covers:
AndyGo Brake Covers:
Mopar Brake Covers:
Mopar Floor Mats:

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The list of mods done to my car so far:
▶MOPAR Floor Mats:
▶Red SRT Keyfob:
▶Black Lug Nuts:
▶License Plate Frame:
▶Red Caliper Paint:
▶JoyTutus Cargo Mat:
▶Grille Inserts:
▶Tinted Plate Covers:
▶Red Push Button:
▶Wheel Spacers:
▶LED Fog Lights:
▶LED Interior Bulbs:
▶Carbon Fiber Vinyl:
▶Matte Black Vinyl:​
▶LED Headlights:

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▶External Hard Drive:

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K Vman says:

you made a easy job look more difficult than it is

James Pierce says:

Actually, glad to see that they are that difficult to put on. Suggests to me that they would safely stay in place once on. Good job. Thanks for the video.

David Jr. says:

I have a set on my challenger but the gas paddle comes off after a while not sure why I have it on correctly nice and tight

Marius Clay says:

I have the same pedal covers got them today. I didn’t have 2 use hot water or anything. Got mines on pretty easy and good. And they fit very snugly no wiggle.

Tmac2023 says:

thanks man, i just used your method and put covers on my 2021 kia k5!

O P says:

Quality on these vs Mopar?

James Tillman says:

Just got mine today. Super Easy!!! It took me a little less than 5 minutes to install both. I put 2 cups of water in a bowl and warmed it up for 1 minute. Then put a little dish liquid in there, stirred it up and placed the pedals in for about 2 minutes. Next, I took the gas pedal out lathered it in more dish liquid, then it just slipped on perfectly. Did the same for the brake. Again, super easy as long as its well lubricated and the water is hot to allow the rubber to stretch. Thanks for the video!!!

Justin Burchett says:

I like the modern Mario gameplay music

Aleksandr Fayver says:

Hi do you have a link to them ?

Born DIY says:

I have not seen these covers, only on EBay with metal clips. Think these will stay on better than metal clips might loosen and fall off. I have the interior plastic set for removing interior items. One has a slight curve. Wonder if you used something with a curve might get behind the lip and be able to pull it over. Just a thought and might work. Now I have to look for these style covers. Thanks for this video. FL

Moose n Beans says:

Riding dirty at autozone.

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