how to install a BACKUP CAMERA DIY

how to install a BACKUP CAMERA DIY

just an idea on how i did it.. feel free to ask me anything


first time doing it and it all worked out great.. 2004 JEEP WRANGLER RUBICON with upgraded double din.. I HAVE A VIDEO ON IT.. check it out on my page



J J says:

Did you figure why you blew your fuse on the backup camera?

Joseph Kaszynski says:

Dude thank you so much for this, I'm disabled and all I want is a backup camera in my truck, because my lift blocks my back window I was sitting here thinking this was a big old problem and you explained it so easily. Thank you so much for your video I really do appreciate it.

Alvin Rivera says:

Thank u this is exactly what i needed

jessestrum says:

nicely explained , thanks chris

moja pjesma says:

Bravo super video

Wesley Brabant says:

Love the way you explained. I'm a visual kind of guy, and your instructions were great.

Jaiprakash Udar says:

The diagram is exactly what I needed. your drawing made it so simple to understand instead of the unit instructions. Excellent!

Just Looking says:

Oh ma Gawd…..this video was MEANT FOR ME!! I'm SUCH a visual learner and people make fun of me because I need things broken down "potato-head-style" (meaning piece by piece lol!) but that is the ONLY way I can grasp most concepts. (Wish I knew that back in school!) Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for the tutuorial..!! Keep up the great work!

Erica Helton says:

Thank goodness for you..

James Vooris says:

Awesome video. Keep up the great content.

lisceeb says:

Thank you you are the best

Paolo Saenz says:

thanks thanks thanks for the video man. step by step very informative

alejandro3561 says:

Thank s for the video it’s very helpful I got mine installed and it’s working now I just need to find the right spot to install the camera at the back

Fishing With Gilbert509 says:

Finally a good instruction show how do it thank you bro for this video

ScreenPrintR says:

Best video on Backup Camera installation I've seen so far. Mainly, the cheap connectors. Installed one this past weekend. Didn't work. My Head Unit said CVV In not RC In. Also I used the same connectors you used on the back of the Jeep. What I'm going to do is connect a 9 Volt battery to the Camera and a spare monitor, to make sure they work. Should have done that first. lol.

Luis Diaz says:

So I can ground directly to the reverse bulb ground wire?

Luke Palmer says:

I love this dude 1:05 "I crunched these up cause I got mad" yeah been there done that:/

jessybeatz says:

merci Chris,
tu m'as beaucoup aider.

nchia says:

I love it when it didn’t work the first time – adds to the suspense and final reveal, with extra sleuthing thrown in!

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