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Tried doing a very thorough walk through of fixing the jeep wrangler 3.6 litre engine problem this should hopefully work for the jk and jl as well as the gladiator that was just released. hope this diy do it yourself video helps you change the broken rocker in the engine block. the jeep wrangler tick is a very common problem that can be very annoying to fix i highly suggest you do oil changed more frequently then whats recommended and switch to a good synthetic oil. thanks again for watching my how to replace a rocker lifter on the jeep wrangler



Ricky Bailey says:

5 sec to get out and 5 sec back in New lifter and all I've done 10 different jeeps so far and turn the motor by crank bolt never cam FYI!!

Ricky Bailey says:

The spring will give enough to come out just be on the back side of the cam lobe!!

Ricky Bailey says:

U can push the rocker out and in with out taking the cams caps lose Prybar look up lifter change on a ram 1500 4.7 there is videos to show u how it's done ✔100 %

Steve Mitchell says:

I have a Challenger SXT with the v6, driver side tick sound, the exhaust manifold bolts especially the seeable one to the rear of the flange, it was backed out over an eighth of an inch I had a gasket leak right there. That odd sound went away

Physical Starfighter says:

Why do you keep saying Kilometers or are you in Europe somewhere

chubert bellevue says:

how long did it take you to replace that one rocker?

Vahe says:

What’s a ball figure price to have this done by a mechanic? If location helps I’m in Southern CA. I would totally try it if I was sure I would be able to put it back. Any help would be appreciated. Great video it gave me hope that there is a fix to this awful tick.


Do not use dielectric grease on spark plug threads. That's is not what it was made for. Dielectric grease is non-conductive, so you're putting an insulator where you need a conductor. Dielectric grease is only meant to keep moisture out of electrical connectors. You want something like copper anti-seize. Also, those old plugs look like iridium plugs which have a very narrow electrode. They look ok from what I can see. Just fyi

44 Hawk says:

Actually the ground cable on the battery is the power lead. Power comes out of the battery through the ground, it goes back into the battery through the positive. You always always always remove the ground first and put it on last. You can damage the computers by taking off for putting on the battery cables in the wrong order. In researching this the first problem I found was most people are looking at the edges saying it's always occurs on the right side of the engine. No it almost always occurs on the left side of the engine. It's the right side is they're looking at it. But the engine didn't turn around.

Jonathan Walker says:

Hey quick tip if you don’t have a sparky socket you can loosen it and use your coil pack to suck it out, great video thanks!

Daniel Cater says:

Do I have to put a certain amount of torque to the bolts that’s holding the camshaft down after I replace the rocker arm ?

Rob Relevant says:

It's not recommended to crank the engine by the camshafts instead use the crank pully

izzy G says:

Did you guys buy your parts at the Dealeship or somewhere else?. My sisters 2015 sport has the same fucking ticking.

R Roman says:

This is awesome, I wish I had the tools and space to accomplish this job. I called the dealership and they said I'd have to replace all 12 and a bunch of other shit.

Jason Phillips says:

Do your self a favor, and get rid of it, i love jeeps, but those 3.6 are junk! You will need to do that every 50-70k along with a alternator and oil filter housing assembly , pvc valve, spark plugs every 100k , ive seen rocker go at 25k !!!!!

Angel Tejada says:

Which rockers typically go bad? The exhaust or intake ?

Isaiah Cruz says:

2015 Jeep JKU @ 120000 miles just started ticking after a oil change and also thermostat had a hairline leak

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