How to change Jeep Brakes Pad – EASY Tutorial

How to change Jeep Brakes Pad – EASY Tutorial

In this video, I will be showing you how to easily change the brake rotors and pads on my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in a few simple sets. Follow along with this tutorial.

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Thanks for watching!!

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AdventureDex says:

Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed! Press like for more Jeep videos!! #jeepwave

The Dullahan says:

A large C clamp and one of the old pads can be used to depress the pistons if you are without a piston press.

Jorge Miranda says:

Thanks for the video I learning about it

Anthony Cook says:

My distrust of mechanics brought me here.

Kyle Mercure says:

For the front calipers can’t you compress the piston with a flathead screw driver before removing the caliper? You shouldn’t need a tool for front breaks, ever.
Nice. Thanks for the video. Here’s some constructive criticism, Pop off the master cylinder cap, put rag under master, this way when the piston is compressed the brake fluid doesn’t make a mess. Also, if it’s really seized, use a BFH (big fuckin hammer) and smash that rotor, shock it free. A rubber mallet won’t work for a rusty seized rotor.

ImNotAPsycho says:

I fkn hate drum brakes!

the says:

Sea clamp the same thing with using the old pad to push ?

Charles The Hammer Martel says:

Beautiful build!!!!!!

Iam Germane says:

He does not mention the brake fluid. When you compress the piston the brake fluid will overflow in the reservoir no???

smokeybanddit says:

Lolll your brake rotor was chewed up loll my parents asked me to check their brakes bc the light came on and I checked just one rotors and it was literally chipped off I’m changing then tomorrow great video I was mainly interested in how you were to lift a Jeep to change a tire or change the brakes I thought you always needed one of those big jacks for a Jeep

Matt Pawlak says:

You can also use a basic c clamp to close the piston if you do not have access to a piston press.

Sawyer Helton says:

Was able to easily do mine after watching this. Thanks so much

cm legend says:

I'm starting to think about doing my brakes myself… This will definitely help! Thanks AdventureDex!

R B says:

This guy is cool. Great video!!!

William Stapleton says:

easier when the clips ACTUALLY clip and lock in unlike my shit luck

Seth Myers says:

Thanks! Very helpful, along with the helpful comments to add to it. Only thing for me… maybe it’s all the stop and go traffic, but I change my pads much closer to every 15k miles. Alignment issues?

Doug Kramer says:

There is no caliper door, but great video! It really is that easy, people have no idea. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on the front and back, autozone lifetime warranty on pads and free brake pads every time you need them! .

Timothy Page says:

Great vids. Question: why didn't you use the Power Stop K2798-36 Z36 Truck & Tow Front and Rear Brake Kit?

Colin W says:

It certainly wouldn't hurt to put a little coat of anti seize between the brake hubs and the new front rotors. It helps to get them off in the future.


Thanks for sharing bro

Gary Hanson says:

You failed to mention that when you compress the caliper the brake fluid has to go somewhere and it will likely overflow the reservoir if you do not pull some out. It's also a real good time to flush out all the nasty Brake fluid in the system. you can use the bleed screw on the caliper to avoid pushing the old fluid back into the lines and then make sure the reservoir is still full after all four wheels are done.

Ismael Barreto Realtor says:

Is it necessary to open the brake fluid reservoir when compressing the brake to prevent ruptures or leaks in the brake lines?

Awesome video by the way, thanks for sharing your skills!

akualele says:

Great video

connie bennett says:

So I'm to assume that there's no need for any adjustment or bleeding? Since u didn't drive it on camera?

William Brown says:

im loving your channel u make it easy when to doing work on my jeep thank u

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