Hard Top Headliners, Do They Really Work? Jeep Wrangler Hot Head Install and Review

Hard Top Headliners, Do They Really Work?  Jeep Wrangler Hot Head Install and Review

Do hardtop headliners actually work? Are they worth the money? In this video I install a set of hardtop headliners from Hot Head Headliners in my Jeep Wrangler.
The headliners reduce noise, insulate from heat and cold, and give the interior a fresh look.

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Headliner kits are available for TJs, LJs, JKs, and even the new JLs and Gladiators.

After driving around with the hardtop headliners on, I am convinced that they are worth it, Noise was greatly reduced, temperatures were also reduced, and overall it made the Jeep very comfortable.

Thanks for watching, stay tuned for next weeks video!



Jake Alcazar says:

For those who haven't tried this product, I HIGHLY recommend getting this. Insulating your Jeep can be one of the best things you can do for your Jeep. I've been running these exact head liners and no other company comes close to how amazing they are. The attention to detail, the quality, and the efficacy of these is second to none! In addition to the insulation, it can also help to amplify your stereo acoustics in the Jeep – especially with the upgraded sound assassin strips! Great video bro and I'm glad you made the purchase. These have been fantastic!

Samantha Lefebvre says:

Where did you get/what should I look up to see that interior roof storage piece you have in the front? Looks great!

H Borgonjon says:

Question, do you carry a spare? I don’t care for lugging one around tires are so big that it’s next to impossible to see out the back.

Matthew Waller says:

4WD 24/7 uses something that mounts the fire extinguisher to the front of the seat bracket. I see one for sale today that is called the Bracketeer. Although there may be many more. Didn't read the comments to see if you have already resolved it but it is a viable option nonetheless.

DL says:

Thanks buddy I just ordered one for our JL. Oh and thanks for the discount code.

Christine Giannetti says:

Wow. Had no idea this existed til now. Living in Phoenix AZ with an ALL BLACK Wrangler this is so necessary. Burned my fingers soooo many times taking my freedom panels off…

M. Woods says:

Thank goodness I got these!

Cloud Nomad says:

Where is that bar on the interior of your cab from? The one that runs from your windshield bar to your middle bar. Looks good and useful!

Tricky Ricky says:

Was wondering about mold issues with the headliners as where I live there is a lot of rain and the roof has moisture and drips on the seats. I bought bed rock carpets that wont get moldy. Need a similar product for the roof. Have a 2015 JK

Bill Carey says:

Thanks for the video. Do you recommend the rear side window panels added on?

woofielove1970 says:

11:26 I would not take out the hardtop for this relatively easy modification unless I have a lot of experience taking the hardtop on and off. Like having a hoist and an area to work on the hardtop because of the chance of damage to the hardtop which is extremely expensive. Not a one-man job. Drop that hardtop the wrong way one time and you are screwed.

Trooper 134 says:

Thanks so much for the comprehensive video & the 10% off code! I just ordered mine, cant wait to get them on.

Matt Rhodes says:

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The Eclectic says:

Great video! Just wondering how 82 degrees is considered hot though. Come to Dallas where you can enjoy a cool 102 degrees in August!

James Dumas says:

Why the F wouldn't Jeep have an interior headliner in the hardtop to begin with? Jeep charges $1550 for the stock hardtop and then take the stock rag top off and don't give it to you when Jeep installs the $1550 hardtop. What a Ripoff!

First Last says:

can't you buy a mic already?

Timothy DeCoursey says:

What is the grid you have in the center of your hard top.

Terence Gillespie says:

Left hand gestures…… somewhat distracting.

Terence Gillespie says:

What the heck one want with a fire extinguisher in a Jeep? Thought this was about heat and then you went down in the mud.

J Bivvy says:

Front Rack for the fire extinguisher

American Fry says:

I got these for my gladiator same brand and I love them the sound quality is so much better

Travis Spencer says:

What is the offset on those beadwork wheels? I'm going to be buying some soon and that looks like the perfect offset.

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