DIY: Jeep Wrangler TJ Floor Pan and Torque Box Repair!

DIY: Jeep Wrangler TJ Floor Pan and Torque Box Repair!

Chase and I cut out the old rotted out floor pans and torque boxes in the Jeep Wrangler TJ, welded in new floor boards and torque boxes then finished up the project with Upol’s Raptor liner!



Ryan's Remark says:

Looks like your frame may need some safe T caps welded on pretty soon.

Jason Huck says:

Just found mine like that this morning! Where did you get your parts from?

breannaandkaylee says:

What brand of spray in bed liner did you use? How does it hold up?

Lorie Cadmus says:

I'm looking for someone to put in new torque boxs & possibly floor pans right now Any suggestions in your area? (GR)

Island Upcyclery says:

Awesome job! What brand fenders and rear flares are you using?

Richard Alvarado says:

Hi. What kind of front bumper do you have on your jeep?

Joaquin Aguilar says:

Dang that was rusted out. My jeep was t boned and i have to replace drivers side floor pannels and supports. And it even rolled over, i think i have less work then you. Welding bending and pulling.

Quoper says:

Nicely done, welding is so fun to overcome and do yourself. I've been doing some long overdue maintenance on my 99 TJ.

Jeremy Rhodes says:

Any plans for a followup video on how the rust repair has held up?

Jeremy Rhodes says:

what product did you use for seam sealing?

Daniel Griffin says:

Jeep looks killer and I’m trying to do the same this coming winter with my tj but my question is around where the rust is by the roll cage did you just weld the roll cage to new pieces or disconnect the cage and weld on new pieces to bolt into?

BDC says:

Is this going to be my Jeep in a few years? Definitely. Why must Jeeps love rust so much…

Bernie fuggin Sandahs says:

too high of quality for only 40 subs, im finishing up the same project. its a pain to do it yourself, but a little help from the rona pause i had time.

Joe Clark says:

Oberon appears!

Alex Tremblay says:

Tanks bud dont know why you only have few views you doing a greet job, but you make my work sooo mutch easy, toi help me a lot

1992Hoffman says:

Looking good looking forward to more TJ content!!! I subed you if you don't mind sub me back I have a 02 TJ I do videos on to.

shopplay says:

Doing a 97 tj rusty Michigan snow plow jeep doing same rust repair but doing frame off

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