DIY: Jeep Cherokee Leaf Spring and Rust Hole FIX #jeepxj

DIY: Jeep Cherokee Leaf Spring and Rust Hole FIX #jeepxj

This 1998 Jeep Cherokee was sagging really bad in the back and riding on the bump stops all the time! It was due for Inspection and had a rust hole in the frame. so took a couple days to take the springs out, fix and treat the rust!
This video can help you remove Jeep Cherokee Leaf springs, lift your Jeep Cherokee, remove leaf spring bolts forJeep Cherokee, and remove Jeep Cherokee rear Leaf spring shackle.

Stop out to the shop anytime and see whats going on this week.

I spend a lot of time out in the workshop and i am always fixing, scraping and recycling things to try to make this world a better place and keep the ‘Do it yourself” spirit alive.
I am a computer Network Engineer by profession but my parents and grand parents are Plumbers, engineers, and Teachers so I hope to pass the same Can_Do onto my kids, and maybe some people on youtube.



Daniel Engel says:

I just bought a 1996 cherokee sport. it was a must tow no start deal. Well stupid me i did not do an inspection underneath and man the leaf springs are not holding on by very much. My fault for not looking. It was an older couple, she is disabled and he is a handyman who is in his early 60's….They seemed very open and upfront about why and what was going on with the vehicle. I did not do a deep investigation because i thought i could trust them. Still my fault. i took it for 950 cash so lesson is ill never not bring my jump box , code reader and coolant combustion test fluid kit. 3 tools along with a decent list of check offs. But for 950 i figured id throw 500 in it and have a winter driver. But i hear to many stories about what happens if the leafs go on you and you are say on the free way. Nobody has removed them and did a video to show the viewers………..I wanted to be sick about this but said cut the loss at 950 and do not let it be a 3500 loss.

Patriot 72 says:

It’s cool that you help your brother out. Nice Jeep’s! I have our current and former XJ’s on our channel Patriot72. I will be tackling our leaf springs this weekend. Should go decent with help from The Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit! I enjoyed the video.
I subscribed. Keep it up. God bless!

Project Bumble Jeep says:

Always a good idea to presoak all nuts and bolts with your favorite penetrating oil a couple of days prior to a job like this. I've been known to mix PB Blaster with Deep Creep. Remember, more is better. God bless and stay well.

Bob P says:

That was very entertaining and informative. I guess one of the takeaways is that if you are going to start a job like this make sure you have a nearly empty gas tank. It would have been a lot more work removing the tank if it had 20 gallons of fuel in it.
To make the bottom of the Jeep look better why didn't you hit the "new" leaf springs with some black paint before installing?

Christian Page says:

Why didn't the jeep get lifted more with so much more leaf?

Rock n Hard Spot Cherokee XJ Rescue says:

This is what it takes on these 20- year old Jeeps! Nice work!

citizenatlarge says:

Thank you algorithm. This is a great video.. I was looking for a little advice on which leaf to remove in the rear of my '98 to smooth her ass a little and here this is. Whoever's doing the editing and music selection needs a raise. No shit, I'd love if some of the bigger Jeep channels had half of this groove. Subbed.

marc hayes says:

i have a 96 xj and need to do that same thing. my rust is more bad then yours but i cut out frame rails out of a 99 xj. im using it for patches but sounds good

Jack says:

A steel cross member from a warehouse pallet rack makes excellent repair material for the rear rusted frame area. Already the perfect width to slip right over the weakened frame and about 1/8 inch thick so it welds real nice. Bevel and stitch a few pieces together to make a neat repair and I ran my repair from the bump stops to right under the trailer hitch. Now I feel confident the hitch will never break free. Those rear bolts took me about two hours each to extract damage free. Lots of penetrating oil and a fancy homemade bolt extractor.

Alain Lutz says:

Great job !

796andy2 says:

ahhh , jeep life in Pa …

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