DIY Air Compressor Underhood Install Overland Jeep Gladiator / Wrangler

DIY Air Compressor Underhood Install Overland Jeep Gladiator / Wrangler

I install an ARB single air compressor under the hood of my Overland Jeep Gladiator to kick-off the build for the upcoming Australian expedition!

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Mark Williams says:

Nice job. I installed my complressor under the front passenger seat. It's cool, clean under there and I can leave the hose attached too. I connected to the Aux buttons it was so easy to run the cable under the plastic trim.

Eric Holden says:

I am excited for you Dan!

Schalk Tromp says:

I installed my ARB compressor in a similar place on my JK and found that the thermal cut-out would sometimes kick in while airing up my tyres, especially after a long day of slow low range driving. To help with this, I made up a simple heat shield with some aluminium tread plate, which should help shield it from the worst water and mud too.

Dave tod says:

Dan, thank you for always converting from the metric system for your viewers in the states. I always appreciate that

christian loughran says:

That thing is tiny!! Need to look into getting one for my tj, but my cigarette lighter compressor is doing the job fine.

Jason Collins says:

Why not use the Aux switches in the Jeep?

OKLAoverland says:

My dual for my JKU is under the hood.
I went with the dual only because I have 6 tires to air up when camping.

Alexander Atehortua says:

Why not use a ARB portable compresor?

spudboy1328 says:

Your dad's shed is such a typical Australian garage. Bessa brick walls. Peanut butter jars with nails in them. Corn tins with bits of plumbing kit. Peg board with tools hanging up.

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