COMPLETE Tie Rod Replacement: How To Jeep Wrangler YJ

COMPLETE Tie Rod Replacement: How To Jeep Wrangler YJ

Here I show how to replace all the tie rods and drag link ends on this 1992 Jeep Wrangler YJ

R inner Tie Rod:
Pitman Arm Tie Rod:
L outer Tie Rod:
R outer Tie Rod:

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Engine rebuild kit I used on my 4.0L rebuild:

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Denise Rowe says:

Thank you so much! Your video made this seamless for me!

Shep Grey says:

Noticing you're greasing there at the end of this video….do they not come greased in box? replaced some on my tundra last year and they were definitely already greased, but about to do my YJ and would hate to miss something

rudy pereda says:

I’m sorry, I don’t see the list of parts you used.

Anne Miller says:

Four washers with ridges came in my tie rod/drag link kit. I seen it on the old one in your video but i did not see you replace them. What are they for?

w says:

my stock yj with no sway or track bars pulls to the right. it did also with sway and track on. new ball joints old tie rods. any ideas?

Dave Miller says:

Great Video, I just towed my 94 ranch yj home yesterday to do the front-end. I replaced the manual gear box last year now to do the rest of the front end. How do think the quality of the parts you used?

matt82654 says:

I love your channel and am subscribed. I need help. I have a CJ5 and trying to get the tie rod off. Just got the ends loose with a pickle fork but the rod doesn't drop far enough down to get the ends out of the knuckle. The tie rod hits the leaf springs. Is there an easy fix for this or will I have to take everything apart just to get the tie rod out?

Larry Hart says:

Your video helped me a great deal. I probably would have struggled if it weren't for your video. With your instructions it was a breeze. Thank you very much. God bless you my friend.

dan pawlowsky says:

Workshop manuals are so yeterday compared to this, thanks

Chris Kelley says:

I’m not sure if you’ve done a video about this already but could you talk a bit about how you prioritize what to fix? I bought a YJ a while back that needs work in multiple areas(Frame rust, exhaust leak, possible rear main seal leak) but I’m not sure where to start. Cheapest first?

Gary King says:

What should I do when a bolt snaps after replacing a valve cover gasket

Gary King says:

Do you need to put loctite on the valve cover gaskets bolts

Riley Carter says:

Rough country has those steering dampeners for $30 great product

John Dough says:

Dude, I know this isn't that video, but I just noticed that the entire drive train under my Jeep Cherokee is coated with gear oil. I just had this friggen seal changed as well as the damn transfer case and the seal is STILL leaking. Is there a new yoke assembly I can buy? I think the one on this transfer case is ovaled out. I don't want to just keep filling the case back up. That would be stupid.

dodge charger says:

You did me a great help
Thanks alot

Danny Bickerdike says:

When I replaced mine I bought everything new so when I took off the old all I had to do was just match it up. Made it so easy on me and only took me about an hour and a half. When I had my alignment checked I was spot on. Found out my gearbox was going out. Replaced that and death wobble was all gone. Rides smooth now.

Gordon GMan says:

Good job Dale. Always enjoy your videos.

Dave Turner - Bass Guitar says:

Just did all of this plus the track bar on my ZJ. Took 1 day to tear down and 1 day to reinstall. Ruined the threads on my steering damper despite taking precautions. Took careful measurements too, but still had to do a poor-mans alignment afterwards, as I had quite a bit of toe-out after I was finished. Still, it was fun, and pretty easy. Thanks for the video!

Bill Bly says:

Great video thank you

Mike Butterstick says:

Another great video!

How long did it take? I am wondering if it's a morning or weekend project.


Hiker John says:

Take the castle nut off and put it back on backwards before hitting it with a hammer.

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