Cheap & Easy DIY Jeep Gladiator Fender Extensions Using Xtreme Recon Extensions From a Wrangler

Cheap & Easy DIY Jeep Gladiator Fender Extensions Using Xtreme Recon Extensions From a Wrangler

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I will show you how to install Jeep’s Xtreme Recon fender extensions to the Jeep Gladiator. You can do this easy and cheap DIY mod in your driveway. I also am installing Rokblok mud flaps to help cover my large new tires.

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Rokblokz mud flaps –

Jeep fender spat part numbers (You need 2 of each)
Front Fender Spat, Right – Mopar 68536652AA
Front Fender Spat, Left – Mopar 68536653AA

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LOVE 62 says:

I just did this to my 392 and headed up to Moab. Made a pretty big difference on how much snow and mud was flinging up on the side. I paid @$100 for fenders, plastic rivets and tool.

Drewski ladouceur says:

And the hole you drill should be the size of the rivet shaft not the hole size on the flares

Drewski ladouceur says:

You need to squeeze it twice, the second squeeze will pull super tight and sever the remaining part

Kev is not here says:

Sucks that the Canadian government controls what you can do with your own property

Garth Green says:

Happy New Yer Casey! Just finished watching you video, I bought the same extensions 2 months ago for my JL Sahara an I got the Mopar rivets. Waiting to buy a plastic rivet tool and order the Rubicon fender flares. Do you know anyone selling used Rubicon fender flares?(Paintable) Great job on the video, I enjoy watching these. I'm building a 78 CJ7 with a 396 hopefully on the road this spring. Cheers!

Duane Caldwell says:

Those fender extensions make me even more eager to see the new axles, wheels, and tires on the Demonator! Happy New Year to you and your family Casey!

djp says:

I think in order to have a higher success rate with that rivet tool, you have to push on the rivet to make sure it's all the way in before locking it.

djp says:

A regular hammer or crowbar works for removing those rivets.

Jeffrey Betts says:

I did the same to my JLR, and the rokblokz mud flaps, I am very happy with the combination

Don Montalvo says:

Smart move, covering exposed tread. Cheap and very effective.

Krysta Ogletree says:

The extend fender flares, are counterproductive to the look that you were going for. However,
I do understand the point with law-enforcement. When you’re going for barely legal options. And, when you’re dealing with tires, just let the police know. It is a factory build, who is measuring the inches (POLK) but us????
Here’s an example the F150 blackout package. Nobody’s getting tickets for the limo tinted windows.
Bust of Luck!!!!!

Edward Stone says:

I don’t think that amazing Demonator V8 supercharged sound at start up will ever get old!! What a sweet sweet sound!!

Rock DBlock says:

Those came on my Max Tow Gladiator from the factory.

Darren Saunders says:

Spat? That explains why I haven't been able to find part numbers…..

Kevin says:

I put a set on last summer, best bang for your buck

Yeti Brown says:

Think a heat gun would've worked?

Xtina says:

Sucks they don't work on the lower willys/Sahara femders

Robert Derby says:

I can't wait until you get it done

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