Taking my 1996 Jaguar XK8 to Friskney show 2024.

Taking my 1996 Jaguar XK8 to Friskney show 2024.

One of Lincolnshire’s many small shows that are a joy for the classic car enthusiast. From V8 Jaguars to Single cylinder stationary engines. Through Bicycles and live bands. Friskney has something for everyone.
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@Ridley2907 says:

Thanks for taking us along John.

@uhn100 says:

Enjoyed this John best regards Andy Allen.

@garyvanremortel5218 says:

Watch out for that cow…

@garymees3686 says:

That Caddy is the size of a bungalow. Pity your camera doesn't have a child sound filter, how annoying, that would drive me nuts.
Gracie is lovely I have two Shih Tzu's. and to all it is NOT pronounce shit zoo.
IMO the BMW mini is NOT a MINI it is a midi.
I have always wanted a Ferguson Tractor, but have absolutely no use for one 🙁

@garethdavies7326 says:

Decent haul of pre-war Austins there John

@deanberesford2721 says:

Good evening John, must catch this show, next year.

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