Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Mods Part 1: Mods and Setup

Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Mods Part 1: Mods and Setup

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Here is another video about modding a Squier to take it to the next level!

This time I have a customer’s Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar in for some professional grade upgrades.

The guitar will be receiving Dimarzio single coil sized humbuckers – Chopper in the neck and Fast track 2 in the bridge.

In addition the guitar will be kitted out with an M1 Mastery bridge as well as a custom wiring scheme including a 3 way toggle switch and partial coil splitting capabilities.

Part 1 of this 2 part series will deal with the physical modifications of the guitar as well as the setup.

Part 2 will be a short demo of some of the tones.

As I mentioned I won’t be showing what the guitar sounds like stock. If you would like to hear that check out my previous videos here:


Wiring diagram: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ffy8oarg97uuu9m/Dimarzio%20CV%20Jaguar.png?dl=0

Hope you enjoy the video, as always thanks for hanging out and watching!

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Not a Fiction 2.0 says:

(structurally speaking… and not in terms of the feel of the fretboard) Is this squire neck quality in comparison to a Fender Neck youd buy for the Jag?… I love that Trapezoid inlay sooooOOOOOO much that I would justify any reason to keep it on there… the only thing I'd have to get rid of is the Squier headstock… what are the options on that?.. can you just switch out headstocks?.. or do you have to buy a neck?.. cuz then that defeats the purpose.. otherwise i'd buy a Fender Trapezoid inlay neck… WHICH THEY DONT HAVE… great video, and im sure your channel is amazing. peace

ThePainkiller9995 says:

Should be getting mine on monday, cant wait and will definitely mod it in the future

RockerBob says:

Maybe I missed it but did you keep the stock pots? I’d assume they are 250k? Why not use 500k?

MichaelRosa Watkins says:

I am building a squire classic vibe jaguar. Can't find or figure out what holds the pickups in place. Help if you can. Thanks

MacBellFries says:

Great video!
this work the same with humbuckers?

Poop Poopoo says:

Would it be easy to do with a dremel

guitar addicted says:

You ruined it.

Michael Worse says:

Humbuckers will steal the natural Jag sound away !

Alejandro Soto says:

Hello! I have a problem, I have the same guitar and I have made the same calibration that you used in this video, and it happens that the sixth string on the first fret, the string bounces a lot, and makes a horrible sound, with the exception that I use the strings 11 – 54 of ernie ball and tuned in half tone below, what would you recommend? or what do you think is the problem ?, use a translator sorry if there is something wrong

Andrei Botezatu says:


Felippe AL says:

Já mando o like sem ver o vídeo, era exatamente o que tava procurando!

pablo9364 says:

What’s your opinion of the original bridge? It was supposed to be an improvement on the old model. You always seem happy with the tuners

thegoodtest says:

I've got a Squire CV 60s Jazzmaster. I was tipped off before buying it that the tremolo arm had to be solidly pushed in and it would stay put. It does. I love how you are going through this Jaguar. You have a great way of doing mods!

takethestage says:

alex keeps it clean! lovin the mods!

professorbooty 03 says:

you should do a video on making a matching headstock

Void 00 says:

love your vids man

Greg Wolk says:

Great video Alex! It looks amazing and now probably plays amazing too. Off to watch the second part!

le chachuzz says:

such a great video but, have you ever failed in a wire out of cameras?

MegaBrebis says:

Thank you for the 2 informative videos. Why did you decide to mod it? How bad was it when you received it?

Spirit Of Time says:

Ohhh, Java is soo cute. Everyone needs a little Java in their life.

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