Preparing the Replacement Engine for my Daily Driven Jaguar XJ6

Preparing the Replacement Engine for my Daily Driven Jaguar XJ6

Preparing the replacement engine for my daily driven Jaguar XJ6 has been a lot of work. There are so many things that need to be moved over and every item takes time. Now it is finally ready to go back into the daily driven XJ6. Soon it will be back on the road!

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Gray Fool says:

Interesting to see the smaal differences between models. The development is usually for the better. I've had some issues when, what looks like a minor update means some major mods are neede. Glad you haven't had that problem.

SparkyGage says:

I really respect the cleaning as you go. That's one more reason I couldn't be a professional mechanic. There are so many places that investing that little extra time makes a difference to the finished project, but its not feasible paying someone else to do it. I always liked washing an engine when trying to find slow leaks so that they are fairly obvious. I also didn't like seeing a nice clean part on a filthy engine. I rarely polish things under the hood but cleaning is always satisfying and helps with the "it's worth it" factor.

John Bishop says:

Just seen another site, Aussie 50,from 11 years ago, starting an xj6 engine while in an engine cradle.

Baruch says:

I recommend using a die set to restore any stripped/worn threads. Also, use new parts where possible. This may drive the cost, but having the engine out is an opportune time to replace worn/old parts. Joe

Chris Mangan says:

Love your videos. I’m a Jaguar specialist from London UK. Where are you based Sir.

new england patriot says:

i had a 83. 350,000 miles before i needed head gasket!

Alexandre Couture says:

Great job! Look for a npt plug for the oil hole. It has conical thread made to seal better.

colin ellicott says:

Nice job – I'm tempted to join the rebuild it yourself team … hmmmm.

Vincent Barnes says:

Are you going to paint the engine Adam ?would look nice

Mc Kav says:

Luved it Adam. What a gr8 looking engine. Luv the "JAGUAR" stamped on the block

Classic Jalopy says:

Good to see the progress. Did the S1 use a cartridge style filter like the older jags? I much prefer cartridge style as there is less mess and you can inspect the element easily each time you do an oil change. I hate spin on filters.

Mark Miller says:

Very cool stuff! It is a lot of work to swap out an engine. Love that "toothpick" you used to pop off the old flexplate!
Great video, be looking forward to the next installment! Thanks Adam!

Mark Eaton says:

Way to go. Steady as she goes.

Donnys weekend vanlife travels uk says:

Great progress she will soon be purring away again all the best donny

Neil Cussons says:

Very skilled guy Adam, seriously impressed as usual

John Davey says:

Adam . You may not be aware, but having watched you from the early days it's become clear to many of us that you've progressed from an enthusiastic amateur into a very competent and assured technician . Congratulations !

Bob Stride says:

Adam, that was a great video. I will be watching it again as there was so much interesting information in there. Thank you.

Rick says:

Hi Adam fantastic video you make it look so easy and you do it all by yourself really enjoyed watching can’t wait the hear her start up

Marios Nikolaou says:

I really like this series of video's. Your old Jags getting fixed is nice.

Charles Spangberg says:

Hi Adam, I hope you can keep the temperature up in the workshop, I saw the weather is getting grim in Sweden!

Jeff Harrison says:

Hi Adam. Fantastic progress. Great to see everything going back together. Do the cam covers interchange? Perhaps you could use the ones from your old engine that to fairly recently repainted and clean up. Cheers.

Frederick Rothe III says:

Are you going to install the manifold shield? I noticed it was on the manifold on the bad engine.
Glad you connected the transmission with the replacement engine! Keeping my fingers crossed that reinstallation goes well! Also hoping that you and your family remain safe!

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