Jaguar x type 02-09 repair

Jaguar x type 02-09 repair

Abs/Gearbox Fault/EBrake light problems and solutions.



@johnathanhoyt6491 says:

Hey did you have to reprogram the abs module after you reinstalled it?

@user-gm6gw7hj7n says:

Did you have to reprogram the new abs module after you installed it?

@junbug1love says:

Thank you for making this video 🙂

@motorola12slvr says:

How did you bleed the system

@hotmasked1 says:

Hello Howard, I have a 2003 X Type Jaguar 3.0 automatic with a DSC error flashing. The brakes work fine, I have replaced the following parts : New Position throttle sensor, New ABS Sensors, New Upper and Lower Intake manifold gaskets, New Battery, New breather Hose, New air filter, New cabin filter, New Spark Plugs, New Rotors, Calipers, and Pads. I know my car needs 2 new catalytic converters ( 1000.00) Quote and possible a new oil pan gasket. (800.00) This is a my project car and its in mint condition. No matter what i do the DSC error won't clear ?

@papi7rx7 says:

Hi I have abs light on. Car shifts hard, like a hard knock or jerk when put on reverse. The car literally lifts itself on a jerking motion up and down when shifting to reverse. Can this be related to abs too?

@samuraijumper says:

Where did you take to for $600 to fix? Cause the garage I took it to tried to charge me $3600 for parts and labor…lol

@casablanca3277 says:


@lorraineburke8228 says:

Hi Howard, I haven't seen what the name of the part is that needs replacement. I am having gearbox fault come on after 15 min of driving and had started only this past month. My battery light has been on forever too. Could you give the name of the part and where you purchased it? Thank you

@frankysurroca says:

Hey I'm having the exact same problem with my jag as you in the video and he told me it was the transmission… I can't see in the video what exactly is the name of the part and what is the name of the procedure you are doing so I can tell the mechanic what the problem is or so I can do it myself. Please let me know asap as I need this car to go to work thanks!

@carlossosa2940 says:

hey brother i have one question i have a jaguar s type r and i have the abs and traction control and disc not available,,, but brake still work i don't have a problem when i hit the brake i don't see any problem but light still there i scam the computer to find codes but i don't get any codes

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