Installing KYB Shocks On My Jaguar XJ6 X300

Installing KYB Shocks On My Jaguar XJ6 X300

What’s up you guys! Learn how to replace the front shocks on your 1979 – 1997 Jaguar XJ6 (Series 1-3, XJ40 & X300) Replacing worn shocks will restore the ride control and handling. New shocks and struts also help reduce potential wear off steering and car suspension components. Hope you find this video helpful Please Like, Share and Subscribe it really means a lot! Thanks for watching!!

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1. OEM Bilstein Shocks
1. KYB Shocks (Used In Video)
2. Thread locker

1. 1/2 Ratchet
2. 1/2 Deep Impact Socket Set
3. 3/8 Socket Set
4. Impact Wrench
5. Screwdriver
6. Electric Ratchet
7. Wrench Set
8. Zip Ties
9. Disposable Gloves
10. Floor Jack
11. Jack Stands

1. Sony ZV-1
2. Wide Angle Lens
3. Microphone
4. Tripod
5. Mini Tripod
6. 64GB

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Reshapin' Vapin says:

Hey man, what's your review of the brand compared to bilsteins?

Guy André says:

Thank you! Seems easy when you do it! Nice useful tips! You’re the Man!

JayMoney says:

I hear the rear shocks are a bit more difficult to replace. I’m yet to tackle this job on my 97 xjr

Alexandre Couture says:

Good job and well-made video!

projekt 941 says:

Nice video Jesse. I hope that in near future you will do following videos:
1. Complete rebuild of the front suspention on x300
2. Front wheel bearing replacement
3. Rear suspention rebuild
4. Rear wheel bearing replacement
Without any special factory tools if possible.

This is the job that i need to do my on mine jag too.

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