Install upgraded EBC Brakes to Jaguar Xk8. Brake saga Episode 5

Install upgraded EBC Brakes  to Jaguar Xk8. Brake saga Episode 5

In this video, we put the front brakes back on the 96 Jaguar XK8 and take actions to ensure good ABS function. John from to the garage also shows how to set a Torque wrench.

For links to the torque wrench and the brake parts installed in this video, please use the links below.

Teng 40-210nm 1/2-inch Torque Wrench Drive

Parts used in this video and others in the Braka saga series are linked below.
Red Stuff brake pads.


EBC Brake lines. part number for 96 XK8 BLA1504-4L

Caliper rebuild Kit (Mine came from British parts BUT THIS SEEMS A GOOD DEAL)

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Bruce Boucher says:

John, don't throw your black fleece away I think it has magic powers or let me have it when you've finished with it

Bob Hannah says:

John, I would be tempted to prime and paint the suspension arms with silver Hammerite or similar while the brakes are stripped down just so they look good. Is that a bad idea?

Bruce Boucher says:

Hi John, going back to an earlier video I used my new 10 litre ultrasonic parts cleaner using Deox C de-rusting powder mixed in the warm water worked a treat. Simply I don't own a grit blaster.

Wes Bez says:

Hi john. What’s the cold bite like for the red stuff pads.

H Oppy says:

Great informative vid,

Michael Emerton says:

hi john another excellent video ,I drive an x300 and a while ago I fitted the same ebc discs and pads ,performance very good but I did notice an increase in noise when applied from speed.just an observation I may be wrong but when setting the torque wrench I was under the impression you set the torque to where the line intersects the centre line not the flat aside the number I was told the numbers were raised so you could read them at the desired setting . keep the vids coming as I really enjoy them and a lot of the content can be applied to the x300 .

T. Alan Blain says:

Thank you John. To reiterate the previous comments, another excellent video. I noticed that you do not use any copper grease anywhere. I have read conflicting reports about using copperslip et al on the rear of the pads to stop squeal, but it seems that there is no consensus. What is your view?

jagvette1 says:

John as always excellent video that I am sure will help a lot of people

Geoff Minors says:

They look fantastic John looking forward to the braking test when you are finished. The only thing I would have done is to use copper anti seize on the bolts and on the slider pins and also on the back of the pads where they contact the piston.

Pietro Biondo says:

So carefully explained. I wished to have teacher like you. Thanks John

Bruce Boucher says:

Hi John, Again great instructional video, just one comment would you use copper ease on any non breaking areas of the re-assembly etc.

Gary VanRemortel says:

I guess I'm a bit mystified by the presence of body to spindle grounding straps. The wheel speed reluctor sensor needs just the two wires through the connector pins. Please explain. Also, how are your rotor internal cooling vanes oriented relative to forward motion rotation? Are they straight or curved/angled, and if curved/angled, do they draw cooling air from near the hub and expel at the rotor periphery?

breakz187 says:

BTW, i bought these redstuff for my 330CI…similar fit etc – looks the same…. my problem was that the pads were so universal that they didnt wear the disk to the edge, so now my disks have a ridge around the outer area of them. I accept it may well be my disks and not my pads, by please take note and keep an eye on it.

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