How To Replace Starter On Jaguar XJ6 XJ40

How To Replace Starter On Jaguar XJ6 XJ40

What’s up you guys! Learn how to replace the starter on your 1988 – 1994 Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40) Hope you find this video helpful Please Like, Share and Subscribe it really means a lot! Thanks for watching!!

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Gaz Tinsley says:

Great video !
when starting up my 27 yr old jag x300 i get a screachy grinding noise, my m8 says the starter cog is not returing straight away ? its been doing this for about 3 yrs, never had a problem starting it. but the noise on the first start up is abit worrying ? turn the engine off and start again and there is No noise ?
can you give me some tips please ?

Angelo Raciti says:

Salve cerco ricambi JAGUAR JX6 3200 ANNO 90 pompa freni abs

ww 1 says:

My 1997 has over 250,000 miles, great car with undeserved bad rep. My starter failed, first issue in 7 years.

Hairy PeNise says:

As a 40 yr Aircraft Mechanic let me inform you you always identify positions as if your standing at the rear looking fwd so the starter is on the left side of the engine

Man of the Hour says:

LOL Jesse, actually, considering that you use this as a daily driver, it has served valiantly. It is still a car worthy of care and preservatrion. I am sometimes surprised that people younger than myself have an appreciation for this era of Jaguar (my favorite), but it shows you have a discerning eye, not to mention great talent to be able to do the work yourself on it. This example really shines. Thanks for this posting, and the tacos and tequilla are arriving FedEx……

Alexandre Couture says:

Looks like it's not a fun job to do, this starter!

J M says:

Thanks Jesse just had the lower wishbone bushes replaced on my 1988 XJ40 that's a big job and they were seized in place so took a lot of workshop hours to remove.

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