How to replace Jaguar XF wiper blades

How to replace Jaguar XF wiper blades

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Kevin Perkins says:

Great job..
Rename it, how to talk for ages before explaining and showing

xedosclau says:

Mine wiper blades hai arrived and it was a easy swap ! I'm glad that the right one (passanger euro model) it is shorter than the valeo one!

Rob Baj says:

How long these blades lasts compared to original/genuine ones? My last experience with Mercedes was 3years the genuine and 6 months generic brand

Eugene Barry says:

Thanks, you have saved me having a temper tantrum trying to figure them out. The difference new wipers make far more than their cost .

S Misson says:

There is a special reset position for putting the wipers in the correct position for changing blades. Switch ignition on then off. Immediately pull down on the single wipe stalk and hold then switch on again. This will set the arms up on the screen. Keep the key inside the vehicle and on the new models, don't close the doors otherwise it will stop the procedure.

Peter A says:

Great video! Thanks @JagFanHilton

ashurstudios says:

Brilliant ty for making

xedosclau says:

Yours is right hand drive? I drive on the right but i have the steering wheel on the left:) What model do you order? Xf /sv8 , sportbrake is not having the same wipers? I have a xf like yours, not an estate , 2013 2,2 diesel.

Rickbearcat says:

You literally reminded me to look into replacing mine with winter coming on strong in the States. Thanks!

Ali Whitwell says:

Thanks for the info. I've just ordered new blades for my XF. Cheers!

Brian Keith Null says:

My best advice is to keep the wipers and throw away the car!
My 2012 XF Supercharged V8 Portfolio Edition was a total POS car. I'd spent thousands of dollars on it and always had something else go wrong to spend more money on it. The last straw was it blew a head gasket Wich came with a $10,000 repair bill to replace the engine. Never buy a Tata in Jag drag! You'll regret it!

Yamili Santiago says:

Very helpful as always thank you

Aliihsan AKSOY says:

Hi Hilton, thanks for the video but you made a big mistake. To change the wipers, you had to put the wipers in the service position. You can consult the manual to know the operations to be carried out.

1. Switch off the ignition and pull the lever wipers towards the steering wheel, in position simple sweep. Hold the controller in this position.

2. While holding the joystick in this position, and taking care not to press on the brake pedal, press the START / STOP button on the motor to establish contact.

The windshield wipers then move into position vertical (service). Release the joystick and switch off the ignition.

Jonathan says:

I just changed my old hook style wipers to some flat style Bosch Aerotwins, very good wipers, and look way better and slimmer than the old style ones.

I don’t think we can get Aliexpress in the U.K.

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