How to NOT swap springs to new shocks on a Jaguar IRS

How to NOT swap springs to new shocks on a Jaguar IRS

This video covers replacing swapping the springs from old to new rear shocks on a Jaguar IRS
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OE Boge with springs
OE Boge



jagvette1 says:

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jagvette1 says:

I haven't watched this one before, but boy oh boy it's a wonder you are still alive, I thought you were going to be the first man in space without a rocket :)), anyone watching this DO NOT COPY THIS METHOD, you know there are places that will tie your tubes to prevent babies, your method may work but painful.

Barbi Bimbo says:

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Hugh Bishop says:

Hugely entertaining. But hey, there together and you still have your nuts intact.

Doug Ekren says:

Please don't stop it's all about hang time !!!!!!!!!!!

Anders Sundqvist says:

I miss your videos, where are you

ALAN Glasscock says:

Using old rotors for the spring compressor is an inspired approach and with 2" (each) longer ready rod a really good solution. Did you use the "Rube Goldberg" commercial compressor to assemble the other 3 shock/spring units?

ozmaniac49 says:

Just going thru this job ATM with my XJ6. I was using those compressor rods with the hooks, a real pain in the ass when you have to do the compressing & release EIGHT frigging times!
Using the disks and threaded rods seems pretty fail safe to me. And no scratch marks on the springs. Thanks for the tip mate.
Pete in Australia.

Christian resources says:

Nothing like neutering yourself

Peter Dimitrieski says:

You do not say anything about coils springs ?
Are they original ?

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