HOW TO – Install a Fender Jaguar Mute + SETUP TIPS

HOW TO – Install a Fender Jaguar Mute + SETUP TIPS
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As one of only a handful of advocates of the Fender Jaguar Mute left in the world, I get asked a fair bit how to install them and set them up. This video, in the Jaguar modifying series, does just that!
Installation is actually super easy, but I understand drilling holes into your precious guitar doesn’t come easy to everyone. I do hope this helps ease the stress of the modification as I guide you every step of the way.

See you next time as we setup the Jaguar and the terrible Bridge!(its not terrible just misunderstood!)
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d o o g says:

I wonder if y'could put a mute on backwards, to kill the behind-the-bridge string resonance in a fancy adhoc manner?

Der Mensch says:

I’ve been fighting this stupid mute thing for a long time. Basically, I have a secondhand AVRI that I bought that came with no mute when I bought it. It took me ages trying to just figure out how to install it, but I finally did, and it’s just like you show here—though I didn’t have to drill any holes. The only problem is, no matter how I adjust it, the foam knocks the strings out of tune. I found these articles online by these guys Mike and Mike’s Guitar Bar explaining everything in detail, and the only thing I can figure is that I need softer foam. However, all the parts I bought (including the foam) were in official Fender bags. Mike suggested shaving the foam and I did because he said it’s supposed to be only 3/8 of an inch thick, and mine was substantially thicker than that. But, even after shaving the dumb thing, it’s still too stiff (Yeah. I know how all this sounds. Sorry). Any tips? Maybe where to find better mute foam? Did you ever actually get this to work without knocking the guitar out of tune? I’d sure appreciate help, man.

ThomasMc. says:

Despite years of playing shortscales including Jags I didn't know how mutes worked before this! Probably because they don't make them left handed!

Kallu Ziograli says:

It can be a good thing for Squier Bass VI, I guess, isn't it?

Theo And His Pedals says:

Wish this had come out before I installed mine on my VI. I got liberal with the drilling.

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