How to fix Jaguar XJ8 Restricted Performance

How to fix Jaguar XJ8 Restricted Performance

How to fix Jaguar restricted performance issue without any diagnostics

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Loïc Saliou says:

The exterior condition is insane. Congrats

Marshae Maye says:

Did you all experience shaking/jerking while car in park or foot on brake along with the performance restricted light?

Rich Jake says:

Funny, I read 4.8 review score for this car, but see several reliability issues with the car on youtube by owners complaining about a variety of issues that render the car dead or in limp mode. Maybe it's an ignorant class of buyer that is drawn to the Jag? You never see a host of videos complaining about a Lexus LS430. More HP, better reputation, more interior room. Problem solved.

jose avila says:

I have the same problem, I appreciate that you make this video

Mario Creed says:

I have 05 xj8 I tried to reset my car now my headlights won’t come on it’s like my computer went don’t my wipers or windows won’t roll down either what should I do?

matthias nguyen says:

Hi I have a 2001 xj8 can anyone help me how to remove the expanded Bose lines on the cool reservoir? There's 3 lines and I just don't know how to unhook from the reservoi. I broke two of the lines. Help!!

abantuboy says:

As we can see… And I think

thirdworldassassin masterpieace says:

ive got a 1997 jaguar xj6 , i hate electronics lol , i bet you were very relieved when you seen the light go off , you probably had water in your fuel that all settled

Sam Sen says:

6:17 Well…. As a person who every other month gets this error, I can promise you this has nothing with gas or as you put it Petrol. Old or new! Mine isn't XJ8 but a convertible XK8 with the same exact 4-liter V8 engine. And to make a short story short, as it should be, This error appears when my cat is parked for a long time (I have 8 cars and this is only the Saturday car or every other month) so all "Restricted Performance" means, it has to do with a sort of protection mode for the car that hasn't been used regularly and sensors/computer needs to reset itself, via several cycles of driving. Don't do a thing! Especially DO NOT RESET the errors by OBD II scanner or likewise. All this can cause is throwing a P1000 error that is the nastiest error I had to deal with… Well you may not face it by here in California we have to pass that dam, good for nothing (Expect paying the local govt. some extra cash) "Smog Test". And though my car has never ever been an air polluter, having this code means an automatic failure score, no matter how less smog comes out of the exhaust… And to make that disappear, you really have to sweat and need a long discussion, so I end it here with good wishes for all the Jag lovers. Rave your engine and enjoy your beautiful walnut dash!

Autry Chambliss says:

Thank u friend

Autry Chambliss says:

Kilowatts or kilometers

E Park says:

Have you had any bigger problems with the car for the 2 years you have owned it? I just recently bought a XJ8 aswell in Estonia.

idjlalai says:

I have a 2002 x308 vanden plas and these cars tend to have that when car hasn’t be driven often .. these car loves to be driven and when battery is not fully giving the right bolts these car tend to throw codes .. usually goes away once driven .. great car!

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