How To Change Drive Belts On Jaguar XJ6 X300

How To Change Drive Belts On Jaguar XJ6 X300

What’s up you guys! Learn how to replace the drive belts on your 1995 – 1997 Jaguar XJ6 (X300) Hope you find this video helpful Please Like, Share and Subscribe it really means a lot! Thanks for watching!!

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1. AC & Idler Belt
2. Alternator and Water Pump Belt
3. AC Idler Pulley

1. Disposable Gloves
2. Floor Jack
3. Jack Stands
4. Tarp
5. 3/8 Socket Set
6. 1/4 Extension
7. 1/4 Wrench
8. Wrench Set

1. Sony ZV-1
2. Wide Angle Lens
3. Microphone
4. Tripod
5. Mini Tripod
6. 64GB

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Via Solar says:

I'm replacing squeaking belts on my 1995 Jaguar VandenPlas. Video is very well done! No irritating background music; just clear and concise video and instructions detailing the job. Thank you!

2pintsofcremedementh says:

Those tensioner nuts on the alternator are 9/16" by the way. Jaguar toolkit 15mm works but a cheap one I had in my toolkit was too loose.

2pintsofcremedementh says:

Jesse, been watching your videos for a couple of years now the clarity of your videos and instructions is getting to a super professional standard, this beats the crap out of any repair manual

DT T says:

Thank you! I was hesitant to start replacing belts myself on my '97 VDP, but your video is spot on. AC belt was no problem once you find right tools and jack it up for room to find tensioner underneath. Alt belt still good but probably will change soon cause now I can. Thanks again! Saved me $200 to just change AC belt.

Senator Chinchilla says:

Just watched this, and then went and took the belts off my XJR6 to replace the alternator. Only added difficulty is the clearance between the radiator fan and the supercharger pulley.

Monthly Dose of says:

Still should show connections your lackin

Leigh Sanders says:

Just about to replace the belts on my 95 Daimler X300. This has saved me looking through the factory manual for half hour. Direct, accurate instructions with no frills. Exactly what we need. Nice one Jesse.

Clint Æstwood thirdworldassassin says:

man its really nice to not see rust lol , my 95 has alot of surface rust on stuff , i want to sell both of mine and get a v12 before they are too expensive but am worried that the v12 will be a nightmare lol but what if its awesome lol , your thoughts ? good video btw

Laouand Kassem says:

hey Jesse, can you make a video on how to change the belt on a XJ6 Series 3?

roger eastman says:

JESSE,. You need to make a program to show us how to replace the dash guage lights behind the gauges……let us know! THX

Dean Domino says:

Nice one, Jesse. This will be very handy in the near future

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