⭐ 2002 Jaguar X-Type – 3.0 – Radiator Replacement – Part 2

⭐ 2002 Jaguar X-Type – 3.0 – Radiator Replacement – Part 2

Part 2 – Video series on replacing the radiator on a 2002 jaguar x-type with the 3.0 engine.

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ManicMechanic007 says:

Nice work on a sunny day!

Victor Villasana says:

Pretty complicated job. But you stayed composed and tamed the Jaguar.
Jaguar just has a cool name that’s it!
How do owners stay loyal to that brand? One repair bill and it should be over.

Robert Hazen says:

great job Timmy and Silvia, tight fit with those radiators make it challenging, miss those old 1960 and 70s cars where you can drop a radiator in like you are changing a tire

David Grass says:

I love to watch you guy's work together..there's nothing better than laying on your back under a car with stuff falling down in your face. Trying to see how to put the bolts in when you can only see it with one eye.. Reminds me of a hog i killed last week, hung it upside down opened it up and it to had all kinds of stuff hanging down .. Your business must be in your neighbor hood, ( man always cuts grass ).. I love the camera angles , Awesome .. Was this about a $600.00 / $ 700.00 job if you want to tell me ..See Ya

J Perez says:

Not a big fan of those English cars Land Rover are worst

Ed ogle says:

Tim putting that back together I'll bet you could put humpty Dumpty back together wow..Nice job again…lol

Do Da says:

Another case of unscrewing someone else's work, so many missing and broken stuff.


Never buy a cheap radiator! Had mine replaced a while back- got a high end Japanese radiator for my late 80's Toyota 4×4. Can't afford breakdown out in the middle of Death Valley!

Tony Brandt says:

watch the video it ran out coolant.
When you filled in, it ran out .You can see the set on the video. at 33.10 you can see it behind…forgive me, I write with translation. from Sweden



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