Isuzu Mu-x + D-max COMMON ISSUES || Top 7 ISSUES To Look Out For! || Look Out For These Problems!

Isuzu Mu-x + D-max COMMON ISSUES || Top 7 ISSUES To Look Out For! || Look Out For These Problems!

G’day Guys and Gals!

In this video I talk about some COMMON ISSUES and COMMON PROBLEMS that the Isuzu Mu-x and D-max can experience. I also show you how to fix these issues and overcome the problems with some simple DIY work. If you have any other issues that you have come across, please let me know down in the comments below. If we make this video a talking space it will be great for me and others to learn about any other issues that these vehicles experience.

My TOP 7 ISSUES with the Isuzu Mu-x and D-max are-
1. A/C belt squeaks (replace belt)
2. Hub seal Squeal/singing noise (Lubricate hub seals)
3. DPF models – TURBO issues (Warranty Turbo replacement necessary)
4. Body Mounts sagging and cracking (Replace with new mounts – Colorado mounts also Fit)
5. Body Cracking around build place in engine bay and behind airbox (Major Body repair)
6. Driveline Vibrations and Shuddering (Multiple different fixes as discussed in video)
7. Head unit crashing after period of time (Replace with Aftermarket or new head unit)

That is my top 7 Issues I have seen over the years of working as a Mechanic and also owning an Isuzu Mu-x. If you do have any other issues I didn’t mention in the video just drop it down in the comments below and we can all help each other out to diagnose the issue.

The Isuzu Mu-x and D-max are a very reliable vehicle and do have minimal issues in relation to most other vehicles on the market today. The Isuzu Mu-x and D-max are a great choice of vehicle and will give you years of trouble free motoring if serviced regularly and looked after.

DISCLAIMER – Please don’t let this video scare you off purchasing an Isuzu Mu-x or D-max. Every vehicle on the market, any vehicle ever made has issues. In relation to other vehicles on the market the Mu-x has very minimal issues in comparison its rivals. These are just some of the common issues and common problems to look out for if you are purchasing a new or used Isuzu Mu-x or D-max.

Isuzu Mu-x and Isuzu D-max are great 4×4 vehicles and have the reliable 4JJ1 engine which has been tried and tested for many years. The Vehicles are of a solid construction and there aren’t too many issues or problems to look out for when purchasing one. A general check over is always a good idea, check for corrosion, damage and any leaks. An RACQ Pre purchase inspection is a great idea if you don’t have much mechanical knowledge too.

I have fitted every modification to the Isuzu MU-X myself and really enjoy filming and teaching you guys how to do the same to your own 4×4 vehicles. The modifications I have done are listed below –
-AFN Bull Bar
-AFN 9″ LED Spotlights
-Domin8r Extreme 12000IB winch
-AUXBEAM S3 LED Foglights
-Oricom DTX4200 UHF Radio with Town and country Aerial Kit 3dbi + 6.5dbi
-Falken Wildpeak AT3 – 275/70r17
-Fuel Vector – Fuel off-road racing rims – 17×8.5 Pos 7.4mm offset
-Outback Armour Expedition H/D Lift Kit
-ECU Shop Super 4 Touch Tuning Module
-HIKEITX9 Throttle Controller
-SCF Flat step rock sliders with checker plate – Satin Black
-Genuine Towbar
-Full size 265/70r17 A/T spare on steel rim
-Custom rear draw setup
-CF50 Waeco Fridge
-Giant 85AH AGM secondary battery
-Redarc BCDC1225D Smart Charger
-TITAN 900mm Single draw
-Genuine ISUZU Floormats
-ILANA Neoprene Seat covers
-Profent 200 Catch can kit from Western Filters
-Diff, Transfer, Gearbox Breathers
-LED interior light upgrades
-LED reverse light upgrade
-Engine bay HPD Bling Parts
-All Terrain Industries Hard Intercooler Piping Kit
-Harrop Rear E-Locker
-Yakima LockNLoad Roof Rack system
– Iron Man 2.5m x 2.5m Side awning
-Auxbeam 42″ 5D Pro series Roof Light bar

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Dan Cataag says:

Hey mate what sort of brand model wheels and tyres you have in there now? And size?

Zed Abby says:

I'm getting paranoid with minor changes and foreign sounds coming from inside and outside the car. Damn.

Craig Buchan says:

Great vid mate. Have the MY18 LSM. Just over 80K on her now and no issuse with the head unit.

jake austen says:

I havnt had a turbo issue on my 2017 dmax. But both my work vehicles had the issue same with turbo. My aircon condenser broke in mine and had that replaced under warranty

Tony P says:

2017 dmax. RHS front axle seal went at 30k. Replaced under warranty. Cracked inner guard 70k. Just approved for warranty replacement. Body mounts look fine

Mick Skilli says:

Nick your engine bay is always immaculate. Can you do a video on how you clean/degrease your engine bay. I’m always cautious with cleaning the engine bay and doing it safely so I don’t damage anything

Z D says:

The squealing makes me want to burn my MUX!!!!

Dat Dippa says:

I've got a 2017 Lsu and mate I've had, 3 turbos changed (on my 4th and last) going aftermarket now, my air con condenser went at 45000kms (replaced under warranty). With that being replaced, they had to Rip apart my whole dash as it sits behind there and when they put it together the plastics don't line up anymore. Had bug fights with the dealership because they were stating that's how they come from factory lol. Started to lose love for the dmax slowly after this. My left side mirror started to fail when it folds and now folds in completely out of sync with the right side mirror at 50,000kms, head unit vol up and vol down buttons broke. My belt also needs changing now and I have the squeak pretty bad coming from the driver wheel area but cannot be the bearings as I've regreased them (thanks to your video). I've yet to check the body mounts now….

Also to note, the incab noise of the motor is really loud, even after I've dyna matted the whole interior.

I really do like my dmax but after everything I've been through, the countless trips to isuzu, losing the car for days on end and the trouble the dealerships give to actually approve a warranty claim is the reason I'd never buy a isuzu car again.

Ignition Offroad says:

I’ve actually had the body crack on my ‘16 dmax. Mostly right behind the headlights. Only just discovered this so I haven’t had it fixed. I’ve heard hit and miss stories of Isuzu covering the repair cost with many dealers blaming aftermarket accessories. I believe the factory mounts are way to soft and allow the body to flex causing the cracking. I’ve heard people swap in the Colorado body mounts which are way better.

dave charteris says:

Thanks Nick, very informative video. I've had the turbo issue on my 2019 MUX after 24,000 kms. Was replaced under warranty by Isuzu NZ. New turbo has the green dot so fingers crossed. Done 30,000kms so far and no other issues.

OzMick says:

Audio does not match you mouth when speaking

Daniel Swane says:

At 175k on my MUX I’ve literally had all but the body mounts. How lucky.

Mr. D says:

I always check your videos Nick, I just have one small whinge: walking in a figure 8 while talking into the camera is suuuper distracting and a little bit motion-sicknessy. It would be better to position yourself where you want to address the camera and have it on a tripod so the video is nice and stable. Just my two bobs. Thanks for the always-helpful content 🙂


Fuel sending unit replaced under warranty

Steve _ says:

Can you do a fuel filter change video, or show how to drain the water seperator? Thanks mate.

Ski says:

No wheel squeal, no turbo problems at all, and no acon belt slipping, 170,000klms, only problem was the clutch throw put bearing at 80k, started growling, replaced with Timken, bearing, under warranty

Russell Lowes says:

Looks like you removed the catch-can? How come?

George Zarafonitis says:

What brand and specs are the A/T tyres

Steve Goodwin says:

Another common failure, evaporator under dash cracks at pipe joint and looses refrigerant gas. Repair, remove dash and fit new evaporator.
Mod to prevent failure. Attach the long alloy pipe that goes through the firewall down behind motor to a place higher up the pipe with a rubber lined p clamp to the firewall to brace the alloy pipe that fails due to its length and engine vibration.

Dam06 says:

2018 mux turbo failure at 40k sticky vein causing limp mode replaced under warranty no green dots only lines and high pitch squeal from hub seals?regreased at service allgood suppose to be high spec model no front or rear sensors will eventually go back to the dmax like both models.

bob morris says:

I had a turbo overboost issue, they replaced the turbo, cost me 3 days without my vehicle (which didn't matter) I hope they would have done it quicker if it did matter.

NORVIN says:

I got same issue with squeking drive was replaced under warranty on my 80ks service and after few month..squeking is back,so what i did is i spray w40, and it was my turbo replaced with green dot as well!! Thank u for your in Nick!! You are bloody legend!!

Ron COOPER says:

Loved the walk through of tips.
Have you heard of rear leaf springs levelling out just normally with no load or any trailer attached? I will ask Isuzu their view at next service I'm doing soon.

db sc says:

Jesus some fundamental issues there…..Isuzu has a good record for warranty claims but it's gotta burn when there seems to be a mounting list of significant things.

Steve Goodwin says:

@30,000ks, DPF differential pressure sensor. Replaced under warranty.

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