Isuzu Mu-x & D-max BODY PANEL CRACKS + Body Mount Upgrade – How to Stop your Panels Cracking – DIY

Isuzu Mu-x & D-max BODY PANEL CRACKS + Body Mount Upgrade – How to Stop your Panels Cracking – DIY

G’day Guys and Gals!

In this video I show you all of the details regarding the Isuzu Mu-x and D-max body panel cracks. I also give you my opinion on
why I belive the body panels in the engine bay are cracking on these vehicles. I also show you how to check your body panels for
wear or damage and how we can upgrade the front body mounts to Holden Colorado body mounts to stop the factory mounts sagging.

Firstly I show you the spots in the engine bay to check for the body panel cracks. On the drivers side, check the panel behind the
airbox and abs pump for any body panel cracks or paint flaking. On the passenger side, check the panel behind the battery and fuse panel.
If you find any cracks in these locations you can try your local dealer to see if they will assist with a warranty repair. They will
most likely send of pictures and weigh the front and rear axles to make sure the vehicle isnt over weight. If the dealer wont help
Bannister Law are gaining information regarding body panel cracks and are filing a class action. More details can be found here –

If you are wanting to carry out a quick repair, most panel shops should be able to carry out a patch job as long as the cracks aren’t
to big. The issue with this is later down the track the cracks may appear in a different spot. This is why we need to fix the root
of the problem which I believe is caused by 2 main things.

1. Sagged Front Body Mounts
2. Incorrectly fitted bulbar

The Front body mounts on the Isuzu Mu-x and D-max are very soft and are rather small. This means that over time the body mounts can
actually sag and crease. This will put excess stress on the panels which in turn can create panel crack. To prevent the body mounts
from saging we can actually upgrade the body mounts to Holden Colorado body mounts. This is due to the colorado and the D-max/Mu-x
being very similar body and chassis construction. Once the stronger Holden colorado body mounts are fitted this will prevent them
from sagging over time and will be a lot stronger.

An incorrectly fitted bulbar can cause issues with the panel work when the gap between the bullbar and the body is not sufficient.
Becuase the bull bar is strongly mounted to the chassis and the body sits on rubber mounts or cushions ontop of the chassis
they actually move independently of each other. This means that if the bulbar is fitted to close to the panel work it can actually
contact the body panels and cause a lot of damage. You can check the underside of the guard for whitness marks or damage to see
if your bull bar is contacting the body. If you find that it is, it will be necessary to drop the bullbar down a bit to provide
some more clearance.

To carry out the holden colorado body mount upgrade you will require some tools and parts –

1. 17mm spanner or socket with ratchet
2. 7mm spanner or socket with ratchet
3. 14mm spanner or sock with ratchet
4. Floor Jack
5. 480mm block of wood
6. Holden Colorado Body Mounts – 2x Upper + 2x Lower

Once you have all of the necessary parts it is a quick and easy change over. Allow approximately 1 hour to carry out the job.

The Holden Colorado body mount part numbers are as follows –
1. GM#94777442 x2
2. GM#94764852 x2

You can reuse the body mount bolts so you will only require the 2 upper body mounts and the 2 lower cushions.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you have had issues with your body panels cracking on your vehicle and would like to share you story down in the comments section that would be greatly appreciated. If you have noticed your body mounts sagging or have any other opinion about this issue please drop it down the in comments. We can try and work together to make the comments section a talking place for this issue and try to help each other under stand and come up with a permanent fix for this issue.

Thanks a lot for watching πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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LowRangeNick says:

Hey Guys, here is the Colorado body mount part numbers –
1. GM#94777442 x2

2. GM#94764852 x2
If you have experienced body cracks, turbo failure or DPF failure make sure you fill out the Bannister Law Class Action –
Cheers Guys πŸ™‚

tdock86 says:

It’s metal fatigue. Got an engineers report for my POS Dmax. Poor quality design and material as simple as that. DPF replaced but of course not under warranty. Isuzu only seem to fix air con and turbos under warranty

Rick Polman says:

Hey Nick, great video, do you think a winch adds to the problem.

Ignition Offroad says:

So I’ve had the cracking on my 2016 Dmax with a dobinson bullbar. I purchased the car secondhand with worn out body mounts and cracks (unbeknown to me at the time). When I found out I put brand new dmax mounts on and took it to a dealership to see if they will cover the cracking outside of warranty period. First dealership I went to was useless. Second one put a claim in strait away. They weighed the vehicle to make sure I wasn’t going over the front axle load limit which it passed and Isuzu have since accepted the claim and are about to start repairs on my vehicle.
I would be cautious to put other mounts on if your about to put a claim in, but as soon as my dmax is fixed I will be swapping the mounts out for the Holden ones to prevent this from happening again.

Thanks for putting this info out there Nick!

matt ellis says:

Same thing is happening to my Colorado, so still be aware of the mounts

baz w says:

you should have loosened the two mid mounts on both sdes as well to allow the body to lift easier and align properly when rebolting

Samantha nisbet says:

Yess! Thank you! Such a great video as always πŸ™‚

Gerald Buda says:

Thanks Nick! It's great to finally get an understanding on this issue. Just checked my Isuzu MUX currently fitted with a factory bull bar and all looks good. It begs the question why Isuzu don't just upgrade their factory part – it would save them alot of headaches and $

Ski says:

Plus, you see these guys flexing their isuzu to the max, i guess that would have to be a bad thing, causing cracks

Adam&Tania Sargent says:

Well done Nick.. another great vid.. I am amazed more people have not questioned why the Colorado does not have this issue..

Frank Purvis says:

Many thanks Nick! I have a 2014 MUX with no issues….so far!

Zoren Zarsona says:

Hello Nick, i got some questions, is this the same method they use to lift the height of the car by changing bodymounts into longer one?

krump 7 says:

Brilliant video. Mine are more than fkd. 96k on the dial. Off to get mine done.

Question tho, should these "non genuine" replacements be done after vehicle warranty is done. As id imagine isuzu would wipe their hands of a potential crack as soon as they see it during warranty.

*edit… ill just keep the old ones to swap back if a crack appears while under warranty.

Hayden Watkins says:

Cheers nick always good tips and guides, always see you in gympie (in the gold dmax with white canopy).

Dion Blacklock says:

Litrally about to have a go at this now, brought the mounts a week ago, couldnt have timed the guide any sooner bro! Haha love the videos thanks heaps!

Robert Armbruster says:

Very interesting, thanks for sharing this information. I will now go and check my new model DMax to see how all the mounts are going. Mine is 4WD but only does Hwy work with the very odd bit of corrugated gravel road on one or two occassions.

Angela Pedersen says:

Can't get these parts for love or money in Brisvegas now πŸ™ I'll start looking further afield on Monday.
I had a look at the mounts behind the front tyres. Mine are starting to perish. Are you able to do a video on replacing them? It looks like the bolts might be harder to access. Thanks!

Josh Routley says:

Would you recommend this upgrade for a 2014 spacecab dmax gonna be having an xrox bar thanks

David Thomas says:

I've been watching your Channel for a long time this is definitely a great prevention fix I have no issues but iam definitely going to get those colorado mounts cheers mate

WAiki Benjamin says:

Anyone just change the top part of the body mount instead of whole?

Stephen Douglas says:

Thanks Nick!

Mar H says:

Glad to see you back Nick, another quality video. Well done mate.

Mr. D says:

55000km on my 2018 LS-T MU-X and the front body mounts are fxcked. Nice big crease through both and lopsided. No guards cracking yet but will be asking Isuzu to replace them under warranty and I will also be ordering a set of Colorado mounts to keep aside for when (not if) the warranty ones shit the bed. Only reason I won't fit the Colorado units right away is because I don't want to get knocked back on warranty if I do get guards cracking at some point

Andrew Baker says:

Thankyou for this info my 2014 dmax has done 155.000ks it doesn't have any cracks I also have a bullbar. I was always worried I would find cracks one day but now I can upgrade the mount's and not have to worry. Thanks again.

Evan Miris says:

Great vid as always Nick .

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