Installing LED DRLs on Isuzu Dmax Vcross

Installing LED DRLs on Isuzu Dmax Vcross

This video is about installing 12v led drl lights on ISUZU DMAX VCROSS
– Where to connect
– How to connect

Connection shown in this video is functional with the ignition.
i.e.- DRL will go ON/OFF with the ignition.




baguio jon says:

Sir is this same with isuzu mux? Tnx!

Adrian Popo says:

Thanks so much for teaching me this! I just used an led amber/white switch back bulb on my indicator and wired the white as you said. Again. Thank you!

Michael Morales Parris says:

Man, thank you for creating this video and posting. Cheers!

OzMick says:

Next time can you move the camera around a bit slower.

Do the Day Time Lights turn off when vehicle lights turn on?

Here in OZ its illegal to have day time lights on when park/head lights are on.

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