How do you flip your vehicle, Jeep? Spent more time troubleshooting the S70 fuel injector problem.

How do you flip your vehicle, Jeep? Spent more time troubleshooting the S70 fuel injector problem.

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@bernardaflores1720 says:

Electrical is like where is Houdini, search and find!

@chriskeep9461 says:

welding? always disconnect the battery as you will fry the alternator and ecu if not

@jimmiles33 says:

The guy who is paying you should buy you a. Power probe 3000. Would save him lots of money, and would save you time. Can track a ground in seconds.

@AwakeDude911 says:

follow down in the injector harness there is cluster of wires fused together (by the TB) ( all the GN ones if i remember correct) sometimes with the way the harness looks now they break down in the harness and come loose or get the green crusties and im guessing 1 either broke off or touching something it shouldn't .

@Twobarpsi says:

On an old Toyota that I had, I was having the same exact problem. I had an injector that was being grounded all the time and flooding the engine with fuel. It turned out to be the ECU. It's a very common problem on old computers. The ECU was grounding the injector all the time keeping it wide open. Changing the computer fixed the problem.

@dazbooker says:

Try some noid lights on the wiring to injectors they will tell you if wirings good

@MrMarkS-lg7yk says:

Another interesting video! And as strange as this sounds, who knows. An old boy, a mechanic of over 70 years, once told me that if you tape a pure copper penny to the top of a car battery, it will 'cure' many electrical problems in the car almost instantly. Trying to be funny, I asked him if he found any special dates of pennies that worked better. He said he was serious and it wasn't a joke. Who knows, it only costs a penny to test out the theory. :>)

@XantheFIN says:

Ops you went more ahead so no need no more.

#4 injector is going to ECM side to #A23 pin. I assume mosfet is gone.

(old suggestion — works on M4.4 Motronic ECM example)
Did you try hook fuel pressure gauge and toggle the injector one by one (Can do in App Service >> Advanced >> Motronic >> Injector Test) to see if some is stuck ( drops or wont drop when injector is toggled on / off )?

@fp9017 says:

Hi Robert, Your videos are great Thank You for all you do!
I hope the weather gets better and warms up.
Thanks again from Roswell, NM

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