HIKEIT X9 Throttle Controller Install & Review – Isuzu MU-X

HIKEIT X9 Throttle Controller Install & Review – Isuzu MU-X

Hey Guys and Gals!

In this video i show you how to install a HIKEIT throttle booster to your vehicle. It is a simple install and makes driving your vehicle a’lot more enjoyable!

The throttle booster/controller increases the signal from your throttle pedal to your ECU, which in turn reduces throttle lag and makes the vehicle a’lot more responsive to your throttle input.

The HIKEIT throttle controller has a’lot of great features to allow you to fully customize the throttle adjustment.

– Lifetime warranty
– 30 day money back guarantee
– auto dimming display
– 36 settings
– 4 modes
– Reduces throttle lag
– better fuel economy in economy setting
– Anti-theft throttle lock feature
– Automatic and Manual Transmission settings
– One key overtake mode

To find out more information about the HIKEIT performance throttle controller jump over to their website –


Discount code for 10% off all orders – 4X4NICK

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Alphonse Capone says:

Missing the hardest part of all, how to unplug from the throttle?

Martin Clements says:

What setting would you recommend for towing a caravan

jerry woods says:

Hi Nick…love your channel I watch each one religiously, I just bought an MU-X so all your servicing and tips for this vehicle are great for me, I also saw the HIKEIT control review and install, and immediately went out and bought one using your discount code, so many thanks for that, keep up the great posts mate.

Feroz Ismail says:

Hi mate,
I just bought and installed in my 2013 Ford Territory Diesel, but every morning when I start up, fault codes come up, any suggestions.


Hi Nick, thanks for the discount code – great service.
I installed the Hikeit today on MY18 Dmax and found the engine warning light is on. Have you got any suggestions please. Thanks Phil

Jordon Pobjie says:

Hey Nick, I've seen you have used both the iDrive and now the Hikeit, do you prefer one over the other?

Don Gojcaj says:

I just picked my car up after getting my turbo checked and on my paperwork without any warning that “vehicle is fitted with a performance chip, idrive, engine not under warranty anymore”
I did t realize a throttle controller was a performance chip. After I question it all they said was talk to the manufacturer..

Wayne Deane says:

Hi Nick, great review and video!!
I've been thinking about a throttle controller to improve the responsiveness of my 2018 MU-X. In your video you mentioned removing it when taking the car in to Isuzu for servicing as they'll find any reason to deny a subsequent warranty claim. When you remove it can the unit be easily reattached to the dash with its sticky back panel, and do you also remove the wiring and plug at the top of the accelerator pedal?

Vince Angiolella says:

Dose it have a towing mode? if not what mode should be used when towing? thanks Nick

Ralph Rotondella says:

Hi Nick, I love your videos I have a 2019 MUX, I watched a video you posted on 27th NOV 2018 installing a Idrive Throttle Controller now I just watched you Installing a Hikeit X 9 posted 1st AUG 2019 witch one would you recommend and are they suitable when towing Caravans.

Eddy V says:

Thanks Nick for the info, I’ve just ordered a Hikeit for my MUX using your promo code. Much appreciated.

Justsayin says:

Hey nick, i just got my mux today. I wanted to just ask why you moved away from the idrive? I am trying to decide which to get, so any advice from your experience would be great , cheers

Tri Nguyen says:

Hi nick ive enter your discount code it doesn't apply how come

Tri Nguyen says:

So how much is it nick, same price for all models

Mozzie Ridd says:

Mate I can’t wait for my hikeit to rock up for my Dmax!! Thanks for 10% off!

Hayden Dunn says:

Gday mate will this fit into a Suzuki Vitara turbo 2017 front wheel drive model ? Thanks

SafeChameleon says:

Just picked one up using your code. Puting it in a 2015 mn triton ill let you know how it goes. Thanks

James D says:

does it really make a difference and worth the money?

K J says:

I just got this for my 2013 Ford Territory Diesel. What a HUGE difference. Lag is almost gone and car pick up much better.

The Flying Emu says:

Cobber thanks so much, Just got mine today and installed. used your code so stoked thanks again mate.

Andrew Jones says:

Hi Nick. Engine Management light has come on my MUX. Can I just clear this fault or should I follow some other process? I found one clip in controller loom didn’t click in properly so when engine started light came on. Any advice gratefully received. Cheers Andrew

Bernard Harewood says:

Got a question, why change from the idrive to the hikeit throttle controller?

Alex Sallery says:

Do you prefer I drive or hikeit ?

Luke Leong says:

So have you had it remapped or a got a piggy back tune?

Sum Body says:

Hi Nick, what mode do you use it in when touring? I use CO.1.A, I have been meaning to contact Hikeit about seeeing if I can change or get changed the mapping after the 1/2 – 3/4 accelerator point on. I find that all the modes (except EC Economy) want to take off like a grey hound (Which put extra wear and tare on drive train and tyres). My experience. Younger people have more money and tend to swap vehicles a lot quicker than the older.

Roberto Garcia says:

Hi nick great video i wanna ask if will work on mine i havd isuzu mux 2017 but only 4×2 tnx

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