Diesel Engine Fix Isuzu Truck Engine Restoration and Engine Fitting

Diesel Engine Fix Isuzu Truck Engine Restoration and Engine Fitting

Diesel engine assembling video. Isuzu truck engine repairing & engine assembling. How to engine restoration and assembly. Engine fitting in Isuzu truck.

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sa b says:

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Antonyrx says:

Good video friend, one question I repaired the same Isuzu 4jb1 engine of a 2004 NHR and even the new pipe, but I keep leaking oil through the purifier below the one connected to the turbo, I can't find the fault, please can you help me I'm subscriber

doadave31 says:

Uga Duga tight and send it!

林尚文 says:

Good job 做的很棒!

Zaki Naili says:

دائما مايبهرنا هاؤلاء العمال

Lawrence Ntanda says:

Good work I lv it

Jacob Lopez says:

i like how to the kid already has gray hair from doing this bullshit lol

Andrey S says:

Water kills the cooling system. You need to use antifreeze.

simohamed lehror says:

you are very good nice work you did with all your team .i will give you one milion like.

Дмитрий says:

Ребята вам единственное,что нужно – это динамометрический ключ.

George Gonzalez says:

Did they replace everything except the block and timing cover? So many new parts!

Asif javed says:

اس گاڑی میں تو اس بڑا انجن آتا ہے 4.3
یہ انجن 2.5 ہے

Nunya Buziness says:

That poor dog drinking that nasty chemical water

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