CUSTOM OFFROAD BASH PLATES | HOW TO Install | Isuzu DMAX X-Terrain | D-Max Build Series #26

CUSTOM OFFROAD BASH PLATES | HOW TO Install | Isuzu DMAX X-Terrain | D-Max Build Series #26

In this vid of our D-Max Build Series we install the CUSTOM OFFROAD BASH PLATES to the 2021 ISUZU DMAX X-Terrain. These are a full stainless steel 4mm, 3-piece bashplate setup and are super sturdy – perfect underbody protection from your front bar right back to your transfer case.

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🛠 Gear used in Video
☑️ Custom Offroad bashplates –

📸 Camera Gear
✅ Sony Alpha 7C –
✅ Sony SEL20F18G –
✅ Rode Wireless GO II –
✅ SmallRig Camera Cage –
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✅ Neewer Light Panels –
✅ Zhiyun Crane M3 –

⏰ Timecodes
0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Jack up your car!
2:00 – Zip off all standard plates
2:36 – Start with rear plate
4:21 – Bolt up mid plate
5:08 – Bolt up front plate
6:03 – Align plates and final torque
6:20 – Remove protective film

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Not after any YouTube fame here which is why I’m not in the vids – they’re not about me they’re about the how-to! I used the gloves for the first couple of projects I filmed which just happened to be messy ones and it kinda just became a thing. Plus adds a little more personality I guess 🙂

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VideoShowMeHow says:

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David Lawler says:

Do they fit is you have the munji diff drop?

Rexe says:

Hey Adam when you installed the ARB Recovery hitch, did you have to cut anything. I’m buy all these parts tomorrow hopefully I ordered the 3 mm plates, but after seeing your vid, I might change to 4mm.

John Campbell says:

Should have watched your video first. Custom Offroad told me to start from front to back! Makes it a much more difficult operation.

Julius Cesar says:

Another mod Adam? Man you are costing me a fortune. Its a money pit lol. With your ARB recovery points, you only have one on the front? that all we really need? Cheers

Peter Wallis says:

You sold me with the bottle opener

Habeeb challabi says:

Just a question would these also fit the 2021 single cab dmax ?

David Kirby says:

Another great video mate! Will be ordering a set of these very soon!

Jason Webber says:

Quality bit of gear these. Did you not get a stack of washers for the rear most bolts? Mine had extra washes for each side to go under the nut that’s welded into the plate?

DKO000 says:

Any chance you through them on a scale to compare the weight of what came off and what went on?

Philip Lucky says:

great video Adam thank, yes agreed best feeling pulling of the outer protective plastic, unless someone else does it then watch out 🙂

ThatAussieFisho says:

Another great video mate. Ordered an LSM a few months ago. Still got quite the wait time on it but in the mean time I got your content to keep me entertained. Just subbed to the patreon as well so can’t wait to see what else there is in the future.
Ps. Out of all the mods you’ve done or are wanting to do, what’s your recommendation for the first one someone should do? Cheers

Karina says:

I've been wondering how practical it is to do an oil change without removing the plate. I'm thinking I'm not going to risk the mess and just take the plate off anyway. After running the 3mm set for… two trips! I would recommend having a 4mm plate for the very front because it does cop a beating and mine is already a bit warped.


Thanks for the vid. It looks so good btw. Love it. Keep up the awesome job brother.

Sam Stewart says:

How good! Makes me wanna crack a beer 😉

John Campbell says:

So timely. Just ordered a set of these for my BT50

Julian says:

Hey mate, love the videos! I just put an order in on an LS-U. Definitely got some great ideas from you already which will be happening when we take delivery.
A general question about warranty that I’ve thought of after watching a few videos.
If you don’t mind me asking, do you have any concerns with your installs of non-genuine snorkel and catch can ? My dealer seemed pretty hesitant for these things to be done because of the risk to voiding warranty? Where do you stand on this stuff? Leading up to purchase they were two essential items for me, now I’m hesitant. Appreciate your thoughts.

Michael K says:

Another great easy to follow video. Cheers

Jesus says:

Awesome as always mate.

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